The area around the south of Quito was the key to the development of the last chapter of the Liberal Army’s work in Sucre. Photo: Diego Pallero / EL Commerceo

Thursday night, May 23, 1822 General Antonio Jos de Sucre He instructed his men to start climbing Peachtree skirt. It was a secret expedition that would allow them to encircle the city and reach the Ajidos of Inaquita.

The Soldiers Of Liberal gestures They could pass almost invisibly, but already in the light of dawn they were seen in search of the royal group. And swords were brandished on both sides.

Before that people of economic potential took refuge in them Estate Through which out of the zone Spanish royal troops And they have moved on The degree of liberation.

The rest had to resist and survive. The Chronicles Speaking of historians Hostility The civilians who remained with the royalists, since they distrusted everyone and believed that there was a network of spies. No less, the army under the leadership of Jose Antonio de Sucre promised independence.

So it makes sense The neighborhood What is there today South From Quito The key to the progress of the patriots has been. But the history of that time also confirms that Women They have taken refuge Convent To keep yourself in a safe place, as always a Kingdom of War.

Chilogalo The final place where Sucre raised Strategy I am climbing the steep slope of Pichincha, passing by loa And inevitably reaching the north through what is now known Freedom, For obvious reasons in the next few years.

That plan was fixed in Chilogalllo. Sucker’s High Command suggested the presentation War Inside InaquitoImagine that if Realistic Prevents them, the fight will be ruthless but decisive for the whole liberation war. Which eventually happened.

Once those are loyal King of Spain Aware of Sucre’s plan, they made the decision To challenge From Rebel. The War It was cruel, but in the end the princes tried to escape, which was not easy, because the cavalry went in search of the losers.

At the end of the day, with its origin New raceThe winners now went to celebrate La Victoria.

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