The president of the cpccs has ordered a leave of absence for today’s session, he did not mention the reasons. The legal report on the relevance of the withdrawal of the list for the appointment of the Chief Justice has not yet been prepared. Photo: Screenshot.

The General Session Plenary Session of the Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control 17Cpccs) Lasted a few minutes.

Hernan Ulloa, president of the organization, has ordered a leave of absence on Wednesday, May 18, 2022. It was the expectation that would happen Lifting Of Short list For the appointment of the President Judicial Council.

“In some cases, I must be present, which is very important for the Cpccs. We are going to announce a permanent session,” After that, I will inform the directors about the restoration through a memorandum, ”Ulloa argued after verifying the incident. Quorum Instructed the session Complete So Unearthly.

Here Four points On the agenda of the 17th General Assembly, however, none of the issues Judiciary. Expectations were raised about his treatment because on Tuesday, May 17, Uloa maintained that he would be included if he had treatment. Legal report.

This document must be sent to a combination of legal advice from CPCs. Ulloa made the request after Evan Saquisella, president of the National Court of Justice.NCJ) Announced the withdrawal of the shortlist. It was delivered last February 22nd.

However, communications from Cpccs have confirmed that this has not yet happened Ready said report. The session will be adjourned till further orders.

Ulloa’s appeal to the President

“Fear of citizens and the media”, was the phrase uttered by minority counselor David Rosero. He personally attended the session.

“The de facto president of the CPCC has created a serious institutional crisis for the judiciary based on a shortlist that should have been known three months ago,” Rosero questioned in a statement to the press.

He said today, Wednesday NCJ Sent a letter to Sakisela Where it expresses its decision to “cancel” the official letter of February and its additions “so that they do not seek to create legal and / or administrative implications that violate the legal framework.” In addition, it indicates that it will send a New triplet When faithful perfection Constitution.

For this reason, “an appeal needs to be made to the Wolverine Presidency so that this decision can be directed without a person having a conflict of interest,” he continued.

Unlike Ulloa, he assures that there is one Ideal To select Vowels Of Judiciary And before lifting that allegation, on February 9, Dr. Subject to CNJ.

He announced that the minority group would send a report of the case to the National Assembly’s Citizen Participation Commission so that it could be added as a “new breach of duty” against the majority.

Hernán Ulloa and Sofía Almeida are fighting for the presidency of #Cpccs. Uncertainty due to pending appointment:

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