The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of EcuadorDiscussions continue to strengthen Support The country’s candidacy and to be part of the UN Security CouncilUnited Nations) In June, d General meeting The UN will elect five temporary members for the period 2023-2024.

The Security Council is an organization that exists Responsibility Keep an eye on Peace And International security. Joining the world body could bring some benefits to Ecuador, but it could also have a negative impact, experts say.

The international organization has a total of 15 members. There are five permanent and decision-making powers: China, France, Russia (at war with Ukraine), the United Kingdom and the United States (USA). The remaining 10 members are temporary. Five temporary members are elected each year according to the distribution of world territories.

“It simply came to our notice then. Ecuador has gained the support of various groups to join the Security Council because of its position on the war between Russia and Ukraine, its coherence and its commitment to multilateralism, “Foreign Minister Juan Carlos Holguin highlighted on March 31 after finalizing his agenda. Meetings in the United States.


Those products WorkHolguin’s support Regional groups for Latin America and the Caribbean (Grulak) and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, who approved Possibility Acquired to be Advice.

There was more In the back Of Ambassador Barbara Woodward, of the United Kingdom, is chairing the Security Council this month. In addition, the government maintains close bilateral relations with China. From Chancellor They reported that the process was moving forward and that “more countries have signed up”. The agency indicated that it could not reveal the names of countries that complied with the agreement.

Former Secretary of State Luis Gallegos is confident that the country will get the vote, because it is a process where “the election campaign is run through the exchange of votes.”

All Member States Bound by the decision of the Council. It can impose sanctions, Economic sanctions Or approval of the application of force to apply Order. This is where the importance of Ecuador’s position lies in being able to join this important organization.

Convenience for Ecuador

“Ecuador is definitely going to be in a position where many times it doesn’t agree with everyone,” Gallegos said. However, he added that for the benefit of bilateral relations, Ecuador could “expand its agenda with other members of the world through active diplomacy, not just with the Council’s member states.”

Jose Ayala Lasso, the former foreign minister, said that because of power Veto From Russia The council has “ineffectiveness” in the armed conflict with Ukraine. If there is a warm system or you want to avoid problems, you will not enter the council, the diplomat said.

Ayala Lasso believes it will allow her to “clearly articulate her attitude towards respect.” Sovereignty Of Condition And it is necessary to promote diplomatic dialogue without resorting to war. As a result, it may allow you to take one High prestige To build and believe in a set of principles that are the foundation of peace in international coexistence.

Negative effects

Ecuador “would have a subtle position in the sense that if there was a resolution that was going to affect other UN states, there could be some sort of. Foreign policy retaliation And international trade, “said Michelle Levy, an international analyst.

International analyst Daniel Crespo thinks this is not one Favorable context For Ecuador because of the protracted war. The country “could lose its political and commercial interests if it pushes itself too hard in one direction or the other. The United States is going to put some pressure. “

According to Crespo, Ecuador will rarely be able to refrain from making decisions that will have “political value”. He suggested that negotiations should be rescheduled for entry into the council in the 2023 election, as “many things are at stake” for a short-term position.

The United States, in promoting Ecuador’s candidacy, can be seen as aligning its foreign policy with the adoption of autonomy. Decision Will be tied and will bring that sure Differences With other powers like China, Levi analyzes.

Crespo noted that a political position in opposition to Russia would mean “uncompromising access” to Ecuadorian goods when the conflict ends, as it is not possible to open it. New market In a few months

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