For the second caravan Missing person And Found lifeless On Ecuador Started on Monday, March 28, 2022 and ended yesterday (April 2, 2022)

Relatives who did not return home have left Quito And they travel for five days Seven cities: Ambato, Riobamba, Chilanes, Cuenca, Machala, Guayaquil, and Cuevedo.

Every site they create March And Seedlings On the outside of it Prosecutor And the office of the Department Violent death And Disappearance (Dinased) of each city.

The first stop was Ambato. Seedlings are made there Prosecution And Tip Of Judiciary From Tungurhua. The purpose was to demand speedy trial and justice in the case of missing persons AmbatoEspecially in investigations Giovanna PerezWho was last seen in 2010.

On BasinAction is carried out Prosecution And Dinosaur. The idea was to demand an answer for the missing father Renেনে ValenzuelaWho was last seen 18 years ago when he was driving for the company he worked for, delivering goods to the store.

According to AsfadekTimely action Caravan They made him Reassign A new one Investigating agent Valenzuela and the new prosecutor in the case, Maria Ledesma, have promised Keep soaking Of Research A. Lament Fingers Week.

On GuayaquilHas been on foot since Centennial Park On the outside of it Prosecution The The main port. Guas This is the province where the complaint rate is highest Disappearance.

The second caravan ended in Quevedo, Los Rios. There they held a sit-in in the city’s Central Park.

The first caravan was held, instead, from March 21, 2021 Quito Towards Guayaquil, Quenca, loja, chilaness and chest. On that occasion, d Relatives Even those who did not return home Advanced Shot Public transport And Seedlings External state entity.

This is the order of the second caravan

According to Union From Relatives And Friends From Missing person On Ecuador (Asfadec) and the Regional Foundation Advice On Human rights (Inredh), one of the purposes of the caravan was to find the answer The judiciary And the President William LassoNine months have passed since he took office, but he has not yet responded Plan From Government To respond Disappearance From People In the country “.

Lydia wheelPresident AsfadekRecall that on July 14, 2021, Relatives From Invisible Requested a meeting with Chief executive. But so far nothing has happened concretized The Meeting.

Another purpose was to condemn Inconsistency In Statistics By reporting on missing persons Prosecution And Ministry From Government.

In 2020, for example, 6,454 complaints were filed. However Prosecution In the same year, it reported 6,881 cases, that is, the entity reported 427 more cases. A similar situation occurred in 2021.

During the caravan, family members also denounced the constant change Tax And Investigating agent. According to them, progress is being delayed Search And Work.

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