A Start over. Thus began the 2022-2023 academic year during the Costa-Galapagos regime for Gabriella Moran. And he didn’t just say that because they were left behind Virtual class.

The last time he set foot in the Guayaquil education unit, he turned ten in the afternoon session. Yesterday, May 6, 2022, the 16-year-old girl returned Third year of high school In the morning, in a different room and with other faces.

“I’ve only seen two or three friends since last year, but the important thing is learning. When the epidemic started, I specialized in accounting and I felt that our practical part needed to be strengthened. “
Emotions of reunion after two years, careful care of biosecurity systems and concerns to level their knowledge The first day of class.

Since yesterday, in a stunned manner, 2,416,250 students have returned to the classrooms, which were opened at 100% capacity. Those High school They are the first; Monday and Tuesday will include the rest.

The Formal ceremony The inauguration was symbolic Guayaquil College, Which welcomed 3,600 students. The national anthem and the change of time were heard there again.

In her speech, the Minister of Education, Maria Brown, spoke of the long-awaited return after the reduction of the Covid-19 case, the work of solution, the failure of infrastructure and the investment made everywhere.
Education system.

The Guayaquil Educational Unit was officially inaugurated in 2022-2023.  3,600 students are educated here.  Photo: Enrique Pesantes / El Commerceio
The Guayaquil Educational Unit was officially inaugurated in 2022-2023. 3,600 students are educated here. Photo: Enrique Pesantes / El Commerceio

Mask, part of the uniform

Surgery, fish type, cloth, colorful or plain. Back at school the mask was not forgotten.

Although Ministry of Education Its use has been abandoned at the discretion of student representatives, as the mask was part of the uniform at the beginning of the new year.

Minister Brown shared the testimony of a young man with a group of boys who got excited and finally hoped to see his friends face and no longer be determined to understand their point of view through the mask barrier.

But Sylvia Flores He agreed with his two daughters: they would try to wear it most of the time, especially to avoid difficulties while traveling. “The epidemic is not over and we must be vigilant, especially if we have weak relatives in our home.”

Cecilia Mosquera has also fixed its rules. She is worried that for the first time in a while her daughter is sharing space with many people. “It’s better to resist. That’s why I told him not to take it off.”

Andres ChiribogaDeputy Minister EducationInstructed Biosecurity. The Protocol Advises the use of masks in confined and poorly ventilated areas such as classrooms, laboratories and administrative offices. In open spaces, such as courts and patios, it can be kept separate. If anyone has symptoms of shortness of breath, it is advisable to rest at home.

Vanessa Varas misses a walk through the jungle at her school, an area surrounded by trees where she last visited in January 2020. First year students High school Know that, at least there, he will be able to withdraw Mask.

It all starts with leveling

Yesterday was the last ‘first day of class’ for 60 students at Guakil Naval Academy. The Tradition Forcibly Work day To be exclusive Students From Third year of high schoolWho were greeted with a huge banner: Welcome to the ship, cadets.

In a room, teacher Caesar Bias advises them. This will be an important year for you to choose your career and strengthen your knowledge.

Ashley Chavez and Jonathan Hurtado take it seriously. The cadet appreciates the technical equipment and platforms that helped him Virtual class, But ready to learn more. His partner believes this will be the case, as they will now face their teachers.

Rector Yidda Marcial says leveling has already begun. In the first part – about 10 weeks – they will work on specific content, according to the demand identified by Teacher. They will follow an extracurricular schedule with personalized classes.

UE Thomas More, in Samborondón, will dedicate the first week Diagnostic tests. They will be the foundation for school reinforcement, explained director Erica Lainez.

The results of the plan have been presented by the Ministry of Education Learn on time, Which has been applied for nine months for the recovery of learning. The project has been built in 2,100 establishments and another 400 will be added.

For the Under Secretary for Specialized and Inclusive Education, Daniel Crespo, Planning allows students to progress their learning; For example, math skills, reading and writing, to fill in the gaps.


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