The Rupture To escape from Gas It is Saratoga Hotel As of Saturday afternoon, May 7, in Havana, 27 people had died, including a Spanish woman 61 injured.

These figures are also Temporary And growth may continue in the coming hours, because work Removal From Ruins The building is under construction and 19 people are still being searched, most of them hotel staff.

In fact, technicians and heavy machinery worked hard all day in the wreckage of the building, as the infrastructure was very poor and new landslides could occur.

Its goal Rescuer Still need to access the basement, as it is suspected that there may be some Trapped person.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, who returned from a visit to the scene this Saturday, indicated in a statement to the media that there were “indications” that more people might be inside. The wreckage is complex and “there is a lot of work to be done to move forward,” he explained.

Governor of the province HavanaReinaldo Garcia Zapata, hints at this Press conference The ground floor and the first floor of the basement collapsed.

“We have worked tirelessly so far and will continue to do so until the last person at the bottom of the rubble is rescued,” Garcia told a news conference, acknowledging that they did not know how long they would have to enter. Basement

According to him Ministry of Public Health Among the dead were 13 men and 14 women aged 10 to 6. Among them were four minors and a pregnant woman.

The Spanish government, For her part, 29-year-old Galicia Christina Lopez-Seron Ugarte, mourned the death in a national explosion. According to MINSAP, that doesn’t seem to be his life In danger.

The MINSAP 81 people were injured in the accident, of whom 37 remained Hospitalized After releasing 17 people throughout this Saturday. Eight of them are in critical condition and six are in critical condition. Out of the total admissions, 15 are minors.

In Injured There is a Cuban-American and a Spanish Caesar Roman Santala Partner of the dead Spanish woman.

Regarding the missing, the governor of Havana indicated that 19 people were being searched because their families feared they might be found in the rubble.

They include about a dozen hotel staff, as Roberto Enriquez Calzadilla, a representative of the Cuban state tourism group Gaviota West Cuba, explained at a news conference.

A gas leak

The Government Cuba has advanced that it appears it was a gas leak, preliminary investigations have noted. A commission is investigating the incident.

At this time Rupture A liquefied gas tanker truck parked in front of the hotel was refilling the hotel tank. It is believed Hose There may be cracks.

Diaz-Canel has already spoken of an “unfortunate accident” this Friday and denied it was a “bomb” or attack.

The Rupture Because of a part of it The building -Seven heights- and the front of the first three floors are closed, resulting in tons of debris usually falling on busy sidewalks.

Another 17 adjoining buildings were damaged in the accident and the next day a Technical evaluation The three blocks and the hotel itself see that they need to be “rescued” or demolished.

Saratoga was built in 1880 and has been a hotel since 1911. According to state media, the last recovery was in 2005.

With Five starsThe hotel was considered one of the most luxurious in the city. The installation is located in Paseo del Prado, one of the main thoroughfares of Old Havana, in the historic center of the Cuban capital, which is one of its great historical claims.

The Events Occurs when the island’s tourism sector tries to reactivate itself due to a two-year mandatory break. ExtremeWhich has increased Economic difficulties From the country

The governor of Havana stressed that the accident “has nothing to do with the safety shown.” Cuba For international tourists.

Tourism is the second largest sector in the country Total domestic products (GDP) Cuba, with a 10% contribution in 2019, and the second largest source of foreign exchange inflows.

Cuba received more than 450,000 tourists between January and April and expects to reach 2.5 million foreign visitors for the full year. The numbers are significantly higher than in previous years, but still far from pre-epidemic levels.

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