Six Military A OfficialThey will Helped A Miguel Angel Nazareno, Known ‘Don Naja ‘, A To enter From Ministry of Defense, On April 7, 2022. This is indicated by the first Research Executed by the Armed Forces (FF.AA.)

A so-called owner said Invalid employer From MoneyWhich manages QuivedoHas violated its provisions Security Of the Ministry Complex. According to security camera footage, he entered from behind the facility.

Juan Carlos Lopez, the head of the armed forces’ intelligence service, explained that Nazarene Entry This year Inside Three times To the Ministry of Defense. The first two were March 15th And 4 April From 2022. Both days he made his presentation Identification cardRegistered them Name Sentry box and comply Protocol Security was the reason for admission Administrative transactions. On the other hand, the third time he violated security.

What action will be taken against those who helped Nazarene?

The army’s general commander, Luis Bourbon, said he had made a request Report To the commander Ministerial Military Police Battalion, Responsible for Security Of Ministry Complex. In that document, Established What stuff The ground forces used to commit punitive crimes.

An analysis is currently being conducted to establish whether uniformed officers are committed Small, serious crime Is Attack

If an internal investigation determines that officers in uniform have committed minor or serious offenses, a complaint report will be sent “to the authority that officers or members of the military personnel rely on.”

According to Burbano, “After due process and observation of the defense rights of these members of the organization, they will move forward. Analysis The Criminal offenses committed Already Give me severe punishment. ” This process will take about time Three weeks.

On the other hand, if an attempted crime is proved, a Advice From Discipline, Which will evaluate the evidence and discharge reports of uniformed officers. After that, the delegation will decide whether to impose Approval.

Types of prohibitions

Section 62 of it Military discipline regulations Establishes Five types of prohibitions Those who enter against members of the armed forces Punitive offense

  1. Censorship: This is a warning that is made in writing and delivered to the offender.
  1. Easy shipping: It is prohibited to be absent for a specified period of time or to leave your military unit as a sanction, but you must continue to perform your duties.
  1. Strict arrest: It is impossible to leave a house designated for serving arrest within a military unit. In addition, he will not be able to perform any task within the period fixed as grant.
  1. Suspension function: You cannot work temporarily and you cannot wear uniforms or decorations.
  1. Dismissal from active duty: The military will be disbanded from the armed forces.

Defense Minister Luis Hernandez said “bad elements that undermine the credibility of the armed forces must be approved and expelled.”

Five people were arrested in the cabinet complex

Two in addition to Nazareno The car With Five occupants entered April 7 in the outer parking lot of the Ministry of Defense in Quito.

Five suspects They were arrested And the prosecutor’s office charged them with the crime Illegal collection of money, possession of a firearm and reception. Also, a judge ordered them during a hearing in the Quito Flagransia unit Preventive imprisonment.

The accused were also arrested 131,656 In cash, a Firearms And a Vehicles As reported Theft.

As of this Monday, April 11, there is no prison sentence against Nazarene. However, he AccusedFrom the previous year, for the crime Illegal fundraising.

The lawsuit began in June 2021, when it was discovered that thousands of people had invested their money in a lawsuit Platform Financial that Offer to pay Per Week The 90% interest For him Distributed capital.

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