The Ministry of Environment Has banned the sale of wax dates and will conduct multiple raids with the participation of the national police to curb its commercialization.

It’s time to celebrate Holy WeekWax palm leaves are commonly used to commemorate Palm Sunday, which will be celebrated tomorrow, April 10, 2022 this year.

Authorities have launched a “Heritage and Preservation Hand in Hand” campaign in all Ecuadorian provinces. In the cantons of Pangua and La Mana, where a good number of these species usually come out for celebration. Immediately the previous SundayThere will be roads. It wants to prevent the country from reaching the market.

The wax palm is one of the most important breeds in the highlands of Ecuador and in the sub-tropical Andean forests. Its slow growth, the threat of massive deforestation Andean forest, In addition to the habitat structure of the species Fear of extinction Such as the yellow-eared parrot and the cheeked parakeet give it special care and protection.

Gavino Vargas, zonal coordinator at the Ministry of Environment, explained that the authority’s job would be to visit unexpected sales sites, such as Markets and squares So that dates are not sold. Those who sell it will be subject to legal action, such as approving administrative procedures, including financial penalties.

Section 247 of Extensive criminal biological code Those who collect and market wax palms face one to three years in prison.

In addition, Article 78 of the Forest Act, which deals with the conservation of natural areas and wildlife, states that “a person who prunes, falls, peels, destroys, alters, acquires, transports, commercializes or uses Wildlife “Except as per the agreement, the license or approval will be granted with one to ten important minimum wages and a fine equal to the confiscation of the goods.”

At a press conference, Wilmer Villarreal, a technician at the environment ministry, told trustees to use other species, such as myrtle, chamomile, corn leaves, and flowers, tubes, and spikes. Wheat and barley, sigse, straw, cypress and laurel, among others, bouquets for details. He even said that recycled materials could be used to help reduce it Environmental impact.

On his behalf, Tulkan parish priest Juan Carlos Chavez said that Catholic Church It has joined the campaign to “protect our common home and our environment”.

Wax palm is a slow growing species, it takes more than 80 years to start the reproductive cycle and can live up to 200 years. Its fruit is its food Token, Mountain turkeys, parrots, among other birds, and mammals such as armadillos, bears, deer, peckers, rats and primates. In addition, it serves as a habitat for some endangered species.

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