Its labor Stability At 49 km Through the basinMoleturo-L El Palm will start again on Monday, April 18, 2022 at noon, according to data released by Dell Ministry From Transportation And Public Works (MTOP).

This area is declared Urgent By the government, which has allocated approximately USD 7 million for implementation DramaWhich is thought Construction In four Upstairs.

In addition, it is carried Eviction Next to MaterialLower porch structure, Change Of Road axis, resurfacing, Among other works. The total death penalty from March 16, 2022 is eight months.

Alternative highway

According to the Ministry of Transport and Public Works, for this reason Risk Upcoming Drop From Rock Kilometers, cannot be interfered with Traffic Active therefore, those who move Coast And vice versa Options The Jhud-Kochan to Highway, That transcends the province Kanar.

This time Holidays From Holy WeekVia Cuenca-Moleturo-el Empalme, which connects its provinces Ajuye Y. Guas, Is activated from 5:00 to 19:00. Time Evening Is Off Due to the presence of climate conditions Rain And powerful The wind.

Staff of the Ecuadorian Transit Commission (CTE) Will perform Controls On the way and in the vicinity of the ministry equipment where they are registered Landslide.

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