Ecuador’s cocoa is requested in Europe for its purity. The country has the certification to compete with other regions. Photo: The Trade

Its appointment Three are Agriculture and Livestock Ministers (MAG) in less than a year Government Its visible face Problems It is Agriculture sector.

Such imperfections Smuggling From Come onBox low price Banana Waves Disease Among many Crops Guillermo is on Lasso’s agenda.

For Gonzalo Gomez, an agribusiness expert and member of the Ecuadorian Agriculture Forum, the root cause of the current crisis is the knots around. Cost effectiveness Of Crops.

Explain that Stabilization Of Price Of Products It does not ensure that those who work in the fields receive adequate income. The stability of their business is not ensured, nor is there any innovation in technology to improve their production. And he has taken the example with the case of paddy.

In the middle of 2021, a few weeks before coming The new government, Union pressure President Lasso. Ask for a Increase In Controls Against him Smuggling In the south of the country. Peru It is a strong competitor for local producers.

In the last five years, his Dr. National Paddy Program With concentrated on improving his crop Durability Y. Genetic improvement.

This has affected the crops in the coastal areas so that in 2021 the average yield is 10.6 tons per hectare.

The data are from seed sowing and perspective of rice production in Peru, which suggests that they are almost twice as big as ours.

The Harvest area In Ecuador it is 340,281 hectares, producing 1,504,214 tons of rice in 2021, MAG. In the Peruvian region, which has 369,927 hectares, 3,081,826 tons of cereals were found in the same year.

With more rice available, producers in that country find ways to find their crops Ecuador’s market. The price per quintal of Peruvian product varies from USD 15 to 20, about USD 10 less than the national grain.

Javier Valencia, an agronomist and former coordinator of MAG, thinks that Lack From Breakout The result of a series of aspects of this sector, among them Cost.

This is reflected Minority purchases Including the effect on subsequent sowing reduction. A crop that can be damaged by moisture concentration, growers want to place it on the market soon. And in that situation they become the ‘target’. Mediation“Those who pay ridiculous prices,” the analyst said.

Effects on other crops

The inconvenience that paddy has faced in the last one year has been revealed in other cases as well Products From Short cycle.

The situation in the agricultural sector has been prepared, according to the report Central Bank In December 2021, “the red onion crop presented negative figures after four periods of growth, due to lower yields.”

The Lack From Technology This is not the only one Challenge For farmers in Ecuador. The War And Disease They are two fronts on which banana growers have had to work in parallel.

Art companies control the quality of shipments abroad. The product is superior. Photo: The Trade

The Collision Come in Russia Y. Ukraine Created a Drop In Export. The product is stored in the national market because it cannot be shipped to those two countries and to other countries in the region.

Agronomist Ronald Moreno confirms that banana growers have historically faced collaborative problems. Known as agricultural production units, the fact that they are not so organized makes them Less Competitive.

If they are grouped, their production costs are low, they become attractive for bank loans and value addition projects. They even get environmental certification for exporting themselves, he says.

7.2% of the population was in agriculture Inadequate employment, 10.6% were adequate, 0.1% unclassified, and 1% unemployed. In total, they represent 30.4% of the economically active population, according to the data INEC.

The challenge of being sustainable

For agricultural economics analyst Valeria Cedeño, Agricultural crisis Can only be solved with Innovative investment. “While the big players in the sector have applied advanced technology to tackle climate change or pests, small growers still survive with very primitive strategies to produce on their land,” he said.

According to Cedeño, USD 5,000 is currently paid Ecuador “A solution that does not guarantee that the farmer will invest money in sustainable production models” with the credit of opportunity.

Exactly, Green production Keeping Ecuador in the international market is a major challenge.

At the recent launch of the Road to the Reactivation of Agri-Food Ecuador (Crea) project, Inmaculada Montero Luke, the delegation’s commercial consultant European UnionMentioned that the country must quickly adapt to the European sustainable rules.

In this way, such products Banana And Cocoa They will continue to place on your shelves. This was the third destination of the trade block Ecuador’s non-oil exportsUSD 991 million during the January-March 2022 period.

A in the middle Unstable sectorCoco became the best example that Innovation Improves field production.

In 2019, the country introduced the National Agenda for Cadmium in Cocoa, an instrument that came after a proposal to virtually reduce the European Union’s presence. Metal In Products Those go to your area.

The New regulatory structure Forced Ecuador to be one Regional reference In Export From Less cocoa In cadmium. This has been made possible through collaborations between academies, small producers and companies.

The newspaper was awaiting MAG’s response to the agricultural situation. But that was not possible until the end of this version.

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