Relatives of 14 men will be asleep under the ground on this third night. Photo: Twitter oberGoberNorte

Quiet from last Monday, May 23rd AbarikoIn the municipality of Colombia JuliaFrom the Norte de section SantanderThe change was made when the earth roared and warned of an ominous sign.

A few minutes later, through the internal communication of the site MestizoThe tragedy was announced: Mine exploded.

14 males They were trapped Due to the accumulation of methane gas in a sinkhole 100 meters deep, something like that Rescue efforts delayed Fear of a possible second explosion.

Rescuers have had to evacuate several times and the progress of their work has been slow.

Outside, more than 30 relatives of miners are waiting for a sign Your loved one is alive, But time is running out and negative thoughts flood into their heads. Wives, mothers and children weep over the impotence of not knowing anything about them.

The sound of water from a nearby creek eases their pain, but there is no consolation in the face of this tragedy that has already claimed the life of a worker at the entrance to the mine.

Fabio Caceres Garcia could not stand 85% of his body was burnt second and third degree.

Daniel MartinezMining uncle Santiago Perez MartinezThey have painfully described what they have been feeling since they found out Rupture And from what you have seen you have been able to reach the entrance to the sinkhole.

“The scene is like an action movie. The trees around the entrance to the mine have burned out, and the candle (fire) has risen about 30 meters, “Martinez explained to AFC.

“I have been a miner for ten years and one knows that the tombstone is attached to the back. The work below is not just about strength, or picks and shovels; Here it is Emotional. All they have to do is turn off the lights, ration the water and breathe slowly. Inside, you know that if something like this happens they will look for you, ”he said, hugging another relative in his story.

The silence of the authorities

Today, Wednesday afternoon, June 1, after receiving the news from the families swallowed the anger and frustration. Glory to Catherine Georghe, National Manager Of Security Y. Mine rescueAssures that “it will not be possible to rescue their loved ones today.”

Marianella Gonzalez Gomez, A wife of the miner, did not hesitate to reprimand the news. “They are hiding something from us. You want to get them out of there. They are 79 meters away from the entrance of the mine, but you have decided to enter from the longest direction, ”he assured annoyed.

“It simply came to our notice then. We have 46 uninterrupted working hours. We are doing everything we can to rescue them, “he said. GhiorgeFor his part.

Although hope is fading, it has not completely disappeared, and Sarah Perez, the mother of the mine Miguel PerezSitting on a rock on the shore of their isolated gorge from the mine, he gripped his prayer.

“Only He (God) has the power to bring our relatives back safe and sound, as we know it will be,” he said and continued praying with other people.

Relatives of 14 men will be asleep under the ground on this third night. Their only consolation was that they would rest on a board bed a few meters away from the mine, the same bed where their brother, husband and children had slept on their last night just three days earlier.

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