Parliament will debate the possibility of a possible removal of the president at the request of the Coresta Assemblywoman Marcela Holguin and members of the UN bloc. Photo: YouTube National Parliament

The Assembly National has confirmed that Session Plenary No. 782 will be held this Saturday, June 25, 2022, at 6:00 p.m., in moderation only Unearthly. The meeting is planned to discuss the issue Order Presented by correism About a potential Dismissed President of Ecuador, William Lasso.

The head of the legislature, Virgilio Saquicella (independent), called on the plenary to analyze the requests of 47 legislators. Revisionist Union for Hope Caucus (unes)

The call was sent to 137 legislators on Friday, June 24th. Initially, it was planned that the session a Face to faceBut the legislature has decided Change The Method.

The only item on the agenda will be: “Hear and decide on the dismissal of the Constitutional President of the Republic, based on the request of at least one-third of the members of the Assembly.”

Requests from MPs regarding Coreismo

Its order Dismissed It’s serious Political crisis And internal disturbances, in accordance with Article 130 No. 2 Constitution And of Art 51 Biological law of legislative function. This request was made in the middle Protest Against the government and which has led to some episodes Violence.

Lasso will Notification This process is for her to exercise Defending. Bench of the ruling party, the Christian Social Party (PSC) And the Democratic Left (ID) Announced that they would vote against the impeachment.

These parties control 50 seats, while a resolution requires at least 92 of the 137 legislators. Pachakutik, the second political force after Karismo in the Assembly, has a divided position there.

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