The The basis for the proper process (DPLF) created a Call To the President William Lasso To respect Judicial independence. In a statement issued today, May 3, 2022, it indicates that Application Made at Constitutional Court Encourages internal security issues Intervention.

“We show us Anxiety Which may put in the face of recent events Risk The Judicial independence In Ecuador, in particular, the independence of its constitutional court, “the foundation told the Foundation in a document released from Washington, USA.

It is Regional organizations Consists of professionals of different nationalities. Promoting its mandate The role of law And human rights In Latin America.

Because of your worries Meeting Of April 24 Between the presidents of Lasso and the National Court of Justice (CNJ) and the Judicial Council (CJ). There, the discretionary decision regarding the grant Habeas corpus. It was decided to run Letter In the Constitutional Court (CC).

They request that Opportunity for habeas corpus. That legal precedent prevents that process from starting Misdeeds. The power of the judiciary needs to be restored Says ex officio In case of extreme negligence. However, the president of Sisik. Ali Lojada, Rejection Those requests and the lack of knowledge of the skills of CNJ and CJ have raised questions.

Call for independence of the judiciary

The Foundation supports the Ecuadorian CC and reiterates that it must “Respect freedom Of High Court Against external interference. He also does one The executive has been called And all Entity involvedRespect the independence of the judiciary. “

Consider that Lasso’s summons Can administer justice “Encourage intervention Unreasonable in the case of their internal freedom. Well, they would be inconsistent with the international obligations of the state of Ecuador in terms of human rights.

On the other hand, Order Towards CC “Not only Unknown Their chance Skills We want to involve it irrationally as a constitutional, but active part in addressing security issues. “

Accountability for the High Court Success or failureOr of Security politics Or other types of “were, in other countries of the region,”The front room For more serious attacks, “he said, adding that” justice and democracy have been affected.

Its criteria are based on the basic principles of DPLF The United NationsIn the principles of the Court of Human Rights and the Inter-American Commission on the Freedom of the Judiciary from Other State Powers.

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