Heavy rains cause landslides in Colombia Photo: EFE

There are at least 50 people Dead In the last two months Colombia As a result of the rains which left 20,390 Affected familiesOfficial sources reported on Wednesday, May 18, 2022.

State National unity For Management Of Risk From Disaster From Colombia (UNGRD) details in a statement that between March 16 and May 16, 2022, “50 Colombians Is deadAnother 50 were injured and 9 were injured Invisible

There were also more than 10,467 homes damaged and damaged, and another 200 DestructionWhen there was other infrastructure Effect 573 highways, 61 vehicular bridges, 29 pedestrian bridges, 64 reservoirs, 87 schools, 31 sewers and 3 Center From Health.

These losses include 319 landslides, 173 floods, 69 flash floods, 36 storms, 17 storms, 16 strong currents and 4 hailstorms.

The rains have affected 324 municipalities in 26 divisions, mainly in KundinamarkaNorte de Santander, Antioquia, Cauca, Huila, Tolima and Santander.

“We have already completed two months since the official start of the first monsoon season in the country, which has already left us. Effect In more than 324 municipalities in 26 divisions of the country. We are actively working with mayors and governors on response processes, Participation A. Communities“, Said Fernando Carvajal Calderon, UNGRD’s acting director.

On the other hand, the Institute From Hydrology, Meteorology Y. Ecology (Idea) reports that in the face of landslides, the country’s 565 municipalities have some kind of precaution.

Of these, 133 are Red Alert, 112 are Orange and the remaining 320 are Yellow.


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