The canvas in the middle Large courtyardA. Historic center From QuitoThis April 4, 2022 was the focus of attention. Apparently, in the design of the canvas Bicentennial Of War From Pichincha A mistake was made.

The domes seen in the picture belong to 7 Cathedral From Basin And not that Quito As expected from the design. This opens up a controversy among users on social networks when they notice the error Municipality From Quito.

Doris Olmos, Secretary Communication Cabildo, explains that “the canvas is placed on that Town Hall This is consistent with a propaganda campaign by the previous administration in charge of communications. “

However, Olmos indicated that after reviewing the documentation required to launch the campaign, the intention was to “make a proposal.” Bicentennial That multiple integrated Cities And they not only plan to keep Basin But others as well Cities Those were the parts The path to freedom

At the moment, the Municipality From Quito This concept has been renewed and updated so that “the message is received properly and correctly,” Olmos said.

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