Ecuador Need Five public defenders Per 100,000 Population. Instead, it maintains Figure 3.8. It has at least 200 employees Professionals For the whole country.

Its deficiency Keeper This is not one Problematic New before Extreme There were already reports Need From Increase This number. The last competition to select them was in 2015.

Since then, Advice Of JudiciaryThe regulatory body of the judiciary, did Invited Opposition to a new process of qualification and recruitment of more staff.

This lack Professionals Affects growth Activities Each of that Lawyer To perform. The Work pressure So much so that a Professional It has an average of 350 processes per year.

Its technical report Rehabilitation And of Assembly Analyzed the needs of these staff and noted that it also affects Prison crisisEspecially in the crowd.

For example, last October, The Legislation Commission From Security Mentioned that ” Violation From Human rights In the center Deprivation From Freedom It highlights the difficulties that people with disenfranchisement have in accessing their claims, accessing justice or conducting impartial investigations. “

This is “due to the problem of efficiency of the judiciary as well as the lack of it.” Access Still Public DefenderWhich, as evidenced in this report, is a constant in Center From Deprivation From Freedom

The Commission From Pacification Y. Prison DialogueAccording to its name ExecutiveIt was further mentioned that in order to reduce the extra crowd, detainees should review all the files. “In CurrentThey take seven to eight months for each file. “

The state’s general defender, Angel Torres, noted that Public Defender Has intensified its activities Prison crisis.

Part of this work was advising and managing the forgiveness process To approve For him President Last February. By decree 355, the executive pardons people convicted of four types of crimes: robbery, TheftFraud and abuse Confidence. The first requirement for accessing it Advantage Of those prisoners who have served 40% of the sentence, those with trial Previous Penal Code; And in 60% of cases Extensive criminal biological code (COIP), which has been in effect since 2014.

The Advocacy The report states that they have achieved this process in 35 days Freedom 343 people Private From Freedom. And remember that those who are in charge of decree Freedom Is Judge.

Although they acknowledge that they lack manpower, the organization says it has strengthened the process to prevent lawsuits from being suppressed. Even this year they have completed 735 Public Defender.

In addition, they have arranged training Strengthen From Professionals And improved Quality. There is the biggest demand Provinces Like big Guas, Pichincha Y. Woman.

Lack of what?

The Budget This is one of the basic reasons. Include 200 in salary Keeper One more would mean Investment USD 7 million per year.

The company has a state budget of মিল 37 million. The Advice Of Judiciary This is aware of the lack of resources and indicates that work is being done Strengthen From Method From Judgment.

When this happens, Creatures From Human rightsCaledos, for example, noted that prisons need to have more defenders and Their guarantee Them Securities.

The latter is included in the official report, since last year’s riots and violent genocide, part of the offices Public Defender Affected.

For example, in regional prisons CotopaxiAs a result of the mutiny of the prisoners, the authorities did not guarantee their entry into the punishment center.

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