Christian Social Party Bench (PSC) And correismo (unes) Warned that there would be consequences if the judicial authorities wanted to interfere in the power of the legislative branch. This was indicated this Saturday, May 7, 2022.

There was a warning towards it Treasury The state’s general, Diana Salazar, who defended 93 legislators at the beginning of the investigation before condemning the assembly speaker, Lorry in Guadalupe (PK) for failing to comply with precautionary measures.

The UNICEF bench said in a statement that “there is no valid excuse for the prosecutor to attack the independence of the function, and sooner or later the impeachment will end.”

Request for attendance

Ronnie Allega, the organisation’s representative to the Legislative Council’s administrative council, requested that Salazar appear before a civil rights law commission headed by his co-ideologue, Ferdinand Alvarez.

He noted that Salazar must present his explanation in the preliminary investigation. “We will not allow the judging of politics in Guadalupe because of Lori’s whims,” ​​he said.

“The investigation initiated by the prosecutor is based on a precautionary measure alleging breach which was withdrawn. Today, the country is witnessing how the prosecutor’s office protects Lori. We are not afraid of them, “added UNES.

Similarly, the PSC bloc stated that it would “always protect the institutionalism and independence of the National Assembly against any threat or unconstitutional, illegal and unlawful interference in any act of the state.”

He emphasized that paragraph 128 Constitution “It is clear that no member of the legislature is legally or criminally responsible for the decisions they make in the exercise of their functions.”

First Member and Assemblyman of CAL Five-leggedDarwin Pereira said the investigation was “unprecedented in the history of the legislature.”

However, he assured that he is “calm” because it is only a notification, not specifying what kind of activities will be conducted.

The ruling party and the Democratic Left faction (ID), Who maintains their support for Llori, did not speak. Together with the Pachakutik parties related to Lori, they maintained that the commission promoted by UNES and PSC was invalid and it was not agreed by the bench.

Other protective measures

It will be held on May 10 Audience For security reasons, Lori filed a lawsuit against the Legislative Administration Council (CAL) majority in a family court, which accepted the allegations made by Esteban Torres (PSC) against the president of the assembly.

“Once they have violated the procedure, due process, legal certainty, I have requested protection from the appropriate judge and now we are awaiting a decision. We have already been notified for the May 10 hearing. And now all these internal processes in the legislature, especially the legal process, rely heavily on the appropriate judges, “said the President.

Based on these results, he assured that he would decide whether to present himself to the multilateral commission for his complaint, an example that is regulated and invalidated by Correismo and his associates, he confirmed.

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