The Prosecutor’s Office in Ajua ignored the people who died during the incident recorded at a mining company in Pukara, Ajuya. Photo: Twitter @Academiatvec

This Tuesday, May 17, 2022 morning, the prosecutor of Ajua, Leonardo Amoroso, confirmed that there were no deaths in the registered troubles the day before the mine was released. Two jawsAzuayo is located in the upper part of the canton Puchar.

According to its testimony Workers And it was collected by the prosecutor’s office, Armed men They arrive at the mine to demand evacuation, subdue the guards, and shoot those who have run through the grass.

Illegal mining

The discount is due to a conflict zone Illegal mining. So, it is Police and Prosecutor’s Office They suspect that these groups carried out the attack. Tensions flared in the area after the shooting and authorities were warned to intervene.

This Tuesday, May 17 morning, the uniformed personnel of the Special Operations Group (GOE) And intervention and rescue (Turn) Has done its job Search for 44 people Those who worked on the Mining Concession Mine Ryreciamining Ecuador SA. Which was in the exploration stage.

They were there until the night before Located Thirty-four people, some injured, were taken to the nearby Canton Hospital PassageProvince of El Oro. No one was injured by the bullets, however, due to the extreme cold in this high area, from falls and hypothermia, Amoroso explained.

Later and until this morning they found 10 other workers, who denied any human casualties during the attack. The area is being searched to find the culprits.

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