The project aims to collect and recycle 100% equivalent of plastic containers on the market by 2030. Photo courtesy

Project called Earth without waste Wants to collect and recycle 100% equivalent by 2030 Plastic bottle Which are kept in the market. It was announced on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

Associated with this initiative Coastal cleaning programLaunched in 2004, it includes clean-up and awareness campaigns in nine protected marine and coastal areas of continental Ecuador, as well as the Galাপpagos Islands.

To date, more than 235,000 kg of waste has been collected in the Galাপpagos and marine and coastal protected areas of the country.


The proposal focuses on reducing the environmental impact of the entire drinking life cycle, how bottles and cans are designed and manufactured, and how they are recycled and reused. To date, 72% of current production has been collected and recycled And create packaging with 25% recyclable resin, aiming to increase this figure to 50%.

The project is Coca-Cola’s response to the plastic waste problem. “We want to grow with awareness, backed by a strong commitment to our planet, our community. We are as responsible as anyone else for helping to address the global plastic waste crisis. We are committed to being a leader, working with bottle and industry partners, governments, NGOs, suppliers, collectors, recyclers, consumers and consumers to achieve a better world, “said Paula Palacios, Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability Manager.

Mundo Sean Residus has three lines of work. First, the recyclable, recyclable, lightening and recyclable resin use of new packaging; Then collect the waste produced by the packaging; And finally, associations with communities, governments, NGOs, local partners, consumer clients to achieve higher collection rates.

Use of refundable containers

Plastic bottles can be recycled up to 25 times and glass bottles up to 50 times, resulting in less waste and less use of raw materials.

Once the life cycle of the refundable container is complete, it can be recycled for use in other manufacturing processes, either in new bottles or other products made with PET.

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