Expansion of rural communication is part of the short-term project of the private sector.

According to official statistics, Connection In Ecuador it has reached 70% and it is expected Increase coverage Through the Internet, private investment.

Telecommunication companies, e.g. Telephone, Work on the strategy to join this project. This was stated on Wednesday, May 4, 2022 by Alfonso Gomez Palacio, CEO of Hispam.

Investment planning

According to the director, in general, this is important Strengthen Investment in connectivity due to growth Data cost In the country.

Telephone Has implemented one Strategy Investment in this area, called “Portfolio Management Policy”. With this, it has been Reduce Capital exposure by 30%. According to Gomez, the process is over.

As a result, they have implemented Model Investment options, which could be applied to Ecuador to reduce connectivity gaps in rural areas, Gomez said.

This strategy has already been done Implemented In other countries of the region. In for example Mexico, Telefónica may use infrastructure owned by other telecommunications companies to expand its coverage. Similarly, the firm’s fiber can be used for other companies’ projects.

It lets you use and share Infrastructure Exists for Extensions Of ConnectionGomez mentioned.
“We believe that Ecuador can stop the digital divide in rural areas, because of the size of the country and the conditions. This is a project we want to participate in, “said Gomez.

For this year, the telecommunications company will also invest in mobile networks and digitization systems.


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