The president of Banco del Pacifico has predicted the sale of the entity by December 2022. 30 international organizations banned for Ecuadorians are invited to purchase. Photo: Archive / EL COMERCIO

Robert Gonzalez MuellerExecutive President Bank Of Peaceful It is expected that the sale of banking entities will be ready by December this year. Exact date unknown cause Operation Carries something ProcessDetails this Thursday, June 2, 2022.

“It simply came to our notice then Before christmas The contract is signed. Keep in mind that these processes are not pure math, there are approvals, there are requests for information and it can be lengthy. But our intention and commitment to the government is to stop the operation this year, “Gonzalez explained in an interview with Ecuador.

Meanwhile, the sales valuation has already been defined and “it was delivered a month ago, we met the schedule, it’s in the hands of the shareholders,” Gonzalez said.

The Price is confidential, Because disclosing it, he noted, could predict the maximum or minimum commitment of those interested in the process. This assessment will be taken as a reference, but it will not be specific.

Purchasing process

Until this June 2, it is known that the process is in an “intermediate stage”, i.e. Advisory Bank More than invited 30 international banking companies Which analyzes the initial data of the bank for sale.

It will be known by the first week of July how many entities are showing real interest by signing Agreement Of Privacy. This will allow them to access information from the Pacific region so that the transmitted data matches the reality. They have to do them then Offer To the shareholder.

Gonzalez estimates that between September and October there will be one or more companies who are strongly interested and they have submitted an offer. Later, you will be asked for one Approval Per Bank Superintendency, Which must qualify the suitability of the purchasing entity.

According to the terms of the process, International financial institutions only They can purchase. It is prohibited for Ecuadorian investors or banks


The executive president of Banco del Pacifico recalled that, as part of the restructuring, a Cutout Of 1,200 PeopleWhich represents a Save USD 208,000 per day on income statement.

“The bank has acted as a political platform of all colors, artificially and effectively thickening its structure,” he said. It assesses that if this policy continues, it will put the entity’s clients at risk.

He clarified that the bank belongs to the people and not to them 2.7 million subscribers Those who keep their money “and it is” in the interest of the shareholders and the bank “.

The Reconstruction It involves making provisions. In 2021, more than USD 50 million was allocated and the same will be done this year. Rate Crime “Slightly above average” because they were granted Operation It should not have been done, now the massive operation is not carried out and the requests are accepted after technical analysis, he added.

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