President Lasso has confirmed the sale of the President’s aircraft to the Colombian state for মার্কিন 8 million. Photo: Screenshot

President of Ecuador, William LassoThis Tuesday, May 17, 2022 confirmed that the President’s aircraft had acquired Colombia through the sale of Legacy EMB-135 BJ State to state. It sold for 8 million. Aircraft and resources will be provided this week.

“It simply came to our notice then Campaign Selling a presidential plane. We’ve already made it. There is nothing wrong here. The President of the Republic, through this program, informed Ecuador that we have sold the Brazilian Legacy Embraer aircraft, “Lasso said during a weekly link to citizenship from the Corondelet Palace.

The aircraft acquired during the Raphael Korean government was sold Colombian state. “We sold it to the Colombian state. It’s a state-to-state transaction where it’s completely transparent, it sold for USD 8 million, “he said.

Resources already have a destination

The head of state said that these resources already have a destination. According to Lasso, “the USD 8 million that financed the luxuries of these presidents, who believed that the public meant them. That means the Air Force will now use a C-130 aircraft to transport troops. ”

He explained that the aircraft was needed because there were problems with the winter season, for which the military had to be mobilized, but no aircraft.

The C-130 has a carrying capacity of 100 people, properly armed and equipped. It was an aircraft that was “abandoned in Latakunga.”

“We are going to prepare it and I hope that the aircraft will be operational in six months. I have fulfilled another campaign promise, to end the (…) luxury of the President of the Republic. This is not the story of a decree, that we put it up for sale and it turns out that no one wants to buy it and the plane is there. No, “he said.

Another plane

The Ecuadorian plane will arrive in Colombia this week and will receive payment. After that, work on the C-130 aircraft will begin immediately, Lasso assured.

On March 23, Real Estate Technical Secretary Fernando Villasis announced that the Colombian Air Force was interested in comparing the successor to the President’s aircraft.

According to Villacís, the hull of the plane is insured for USD 8.5 million. InMobilia got it valued at USD 7,750,000. However, according to previous calculations, “with the arithmetic method”, it was estimated at the event that the minimum cost of the plane would be between USD 5 to 8 million.

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