Best allies in three ball post Sports Quenca Before him Dolphin The game ended 0-0 on the night of this Sunday, April 3, 2022 in Blanket.

The locals had the most obvious move throughout the game to open the scoring. Enjoyed At least five clear scoring optionsAt the feet of Jenner Corozo, John Ziro Sifuente and Andres Chikazer, who could not break the resistance of Hamilton Piedra.

Viewers support secure results A defensive block that seemed indomitable, led by Piedra and complemented by three lines where Augustine Garcia Baso, Bruno Duarte and Ronnie Biozo stood.

Denied goal

Controversial rice was seen in that match Korojo. In the 26th minute of the first half, he entered the area and won the corner shot From stone

Anthony Diaz, the central judge, dismissed the goal for a penalty Front position Marked by Edison Vásquez, lineman number two.

Goal options

In 68 minutes The highest bangers He counter-attacked after a long service from his area. The ball was left to Corozo alone, who could not beat Piedra inside the area.

Rebound was left Andres Chikaija That enables Francisco Mera. Again The stone was placed as a statue And his shot didn’t let his goal enter.

73 ‘Korojo scored again. In the first instance, a free kick collection led by Luis Caesado was left to the skilled right winger, who took a shot with an acrobatic play that hit the horizontal side of the Quenkan goal.

Dr. did not say the goal again in the post Dolphin. This time Sifuent’s powerful shot was thwarted by the spectators’ goal, while Piedra was defeated.

One in charge of the devastation in the 90’s Ball in the horizontal It was Chicaiza. His free kick was slightly distorted by Pedra who prevented the fall of his veranda through that action.

In this division of points, Dolphin and Cuenca are in seventh and eighth position, respectively, with eight points and the same goal difference.

On the 7th, ‘Setasius’ Mushuk will go to see Runa, and Quenca will receive Emelek.

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