The Pope Francisco This assures that April 3, 2022 Take a good look Trying hard to stop the war Ukraine And that, among other things, is Chances of your Kiev tripAlthough he considered that it might not be convenient to do so, at a brief press conference on the return flight from Malta.

The pope explained: “The whole diplomatic part of the Vatican is doing its best, and not all work can be done without discretion. But we are within the limits of what is possible and this possibility includes a trip to Kiev” Volodymyr Zelensky.

“Availability always exists. I said yes, it’s on the table, but I don’t know if it can be done and if it’s convenient to do it or if it’s not convenient to do it or I should do it. Everything is flying in the air.”

A possible meeting with Francisco moving forward on what is being done Russian Patriarch KirillChief Russian Orthodox Church, And it could be in the Middle East, after the two religious leaders spoke a few days ago. Patriarch Kirill has maintained a position Support for the invasion of Ukraine By Russia.

The pope dismissed the question of what to say to the Russian president. Vladimir PutinWhich he avoided mentioning in his peace petition, and explained that in his point talks he had spoken twice with Kirill, Zelensky, and that he had gone to the Russian embassy in the Holy See to “speak to the ambassador who is the representative of the people.”

And he noted that his message was the same for everyone and that “he does not use double language.”

Asked about the search for hundreds of civilian bodies in the Ukrainian city of Bucha after the city was liberated from Russian troops, Pontiff said he had not been notified and that he was learning about the tragedy because of the journalists who were with him. On the way.

He further added that in order to get a glimpse of what is happening in Ukraine from the journalists, he has to cover the conflict with the reporter of Diario La Nacion from Argentina every two days and talk to the reporter in Rome. Elizabeth PikeWho has been in the area since the beginning of the war.

He also recalled journalists killed in the war and said “they worked for the common good.”

The pope again condemned the war and expressed his condolences World War II There were movements for peace and even for nuclear disarmament, but “70 years later we have forgotten everything.”

He assured that there is a “Ken Spirit” which is thought of only as a “war plan” and no one ever thinks of a “peace plan”. “We are stubborn. We have fallen in love with war, “he said.

“It simply came to our notice then. We do not learn. Lord have mercy on us. We are all guilty, “he concluded.

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