The Pope Francisco This request is 17 April Peace A Ukrainian“People dragged by a brutal and unscrupulous war” and those responsible for nations “hear the cry of human peace” and “the question that scientists asked themselves about sixty years ago: Are we going to end man? Race? Man?”

He said this in his traditional message at the end of mass communication Easter Sunday Which he celebrated in front of 50,000 people, fell from the verandah of the central loggia of St. Peter’s Basilica masks before the Arabic at Arabic blessing and where he mentioned “disbelief” that we are feeling with this “Easter of Easter”. .

Francisco, who presided over the mass today when he could not manage Vigil yesterday due to his knee problem, lamented that after the epidemic “now is the time to go out hand in hand.” And yet, “we show that we still have the spirit of Kane, who sees Abel as a rival, not a brother, and thinks about how to eliminate him.”

And his plea was: “Let the peace of Christ enter our lives, our homes and our lands!” And as usual at Easter and Christmas, Francis took advantage of his message to echo the various conflicts of the world.

We will not get used to war

“Peace be upon the martyred Ukraine. It has been severely tested by the violence and destruction of the brutal and senseless war in which it has been dragged. May the new dawn of hope soon break in this terrible night of pain and death. Let’s choose peace. Let the people stop using force when they are in trouble, “said George Bergoglio, leaning down from the porch where he presented himself to the world as Pope on March 13, 2013.

And he pleaded: “Please, let’s not get used to war, let’s all commit ourselves to peace in a strong voice on the porch and in the street.”

Poptiff further asked “so that those responsible for the nations hear the cry of the people for peace” and they hear the perplexing question that scientists asked themselves nearly sixty years ago: “Are we going to end the human race or mankind towards war?”, As July 9, 1955 The Russell-Einstein Manifesto read that two scientists had called for disarmament in the face of the nuclear threat posed by the Cold War.

He noted that “many Ukrainian victims, millions of refugees and internally displaced persons, divided families, the elderly who have been left alone, lives have been shattered and cities have been destroyed.”

“Before my eyes are the faces of children who were orphaned and fled the war. Looking at them, we cannot help but hear their cries of anguish, as well as many other child victims around the world: those who die of starvation or lack of medical care, those who are victims of torture and violence, and those who are deprived of their birthright. , ”He added.

Francis thanked Europe for welcoming the migrants but said “the conflict in Europe makes us more focused on the tensions, pain and other situations of suffering that affect many parts of the world and we cannot and will not forget”.

Peace in the Middle East and Africa

He returned every year to “the Middle East, plagued by years of division and conflict” for peace and so that “all Israelis, Palestinians and the inhabitants of the holy city, along with the pilgrims, can enjoy the beauty of peace, live in brotherhood and have free access to the holy places.” “Respect each other’s rights.”

He called for “peace and reconciliation between the peoples of Lebanon, Syria and Iraq” and for Libya to “find stability after years of tension” and for a ceasefire in Yemen in recent days to “restore the hopes of the people”.

And he prayed for a “gift of reconciliation” to come to Myanmar and a “calming of dangerous social tensions” in Afghanistan.

He called for “an end to the exploitation of the entire African continent” and “bloodshed due to terrorist attacks, especially in the Sahel region” and noted the humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia and the violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. , Where he plans to travel in early July.

He added that “Latin America, which has seen its social situation worsen in these difficult times of the epidemic, has in some cases, worsened in terms of crime, violence, corruption and drug trafficking.”

The pope concluded by recalling that “every war brings its consequences that affect all humanity: from mourning and refugee drama to economic and food crises whose symptoms are already visible”.

And he called for “an end to evil and violence.” “Let us be overcome by the peace of Christ! Peace is possible, peace is needed, peace is everyone’s main responsibility! ”, Thus ending his Easter message.

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