President of the Council, Lorry in Guadalupe (PK), ask Prosecution The work he has to do to present his version should be put on hold and his signature should be recognized in the allegations he has made against the 93 members of the legislature to form a multi-party commission of inquiry.

In an interview for the newspaper EL COMERCIO, Llori was surprised Police presenceWho went to the Legislative Assembly this morning to brief the legislators on the preliminary investigation.

However, the head of the assembly assured that he was summoned last Monday Prosecution To render his version and to sign and acknowledge the signature, but he did not appear and asked to suspend the process.

“I have lodged a complaint. But until then. I did not go from there Recognize signature and rubric I didn’t even give my version, “he said when asked if he planned to withdraw the complaint.

Lori filed a complaint on April 26, when the Crismo Assembly lady, at the 772nd session of the Plenary Assembly, Marcela HolguinDay has been asked to pave the way for the formation of a multi-party commission to investigate allegations of change of order and breach of duty.

He considers that Quarrel That it maintains with members of the legislature correismOf PSC And the so-called Pachakutik rebelsThose who want to remove him from office for breach of duty have no political solution but a legal solution.

“The political issue was exhausted, not because it was not sought, but because it was exhausted because There was no political reactionThen I had no choice but to go through the legal process to exercise the institutional structure and the power of the President, “he said.

Security action

He added that a hearing will be held on May 10 Defensive action That he filed a lawsuit against the majority of the Legislative Administration Council (CAL) in a family court, which was qualified for the charges presented by Stephen Torres (PSC).

“Once they have violated the procedure, due process, legal certainty, I have requested protection from the appropriate judge and now we are awaiting a decision. We are already aware of this Audience For May 10. And now all these internal processes in the legislature, especially the legal processes, are already very much dependent on the appropriate judge, ”he said.

He said he would make a decision based on that result Multiparty Commission For his release, an example that is controlled by Coreismo and his friends and it is illegal, he confirmed.

Don’t you think that you have gone too far with these actions? “It’s not because they didn’t have a system before they removed the president, it was because there was no law for them. So they fired Former President Jose Serano Voting was loud and there was no method. From there, there was a reform of the law, where the procedure for dismissal of an authority existed. So, Parliament has to be respected, ”he stressed.

On the other hand he describes The allegations are false That Correismo allegedly presented against him for tithes and administration of public office. He noted that they should have qualified last Wednesday and that members of the opposition council had not given a quorum to the CAL, so the deadline had passed and he would not call the agency on the matter again.

In addition, he attacked his former coideario Bruno SegoviaHe is thought to have survived an earlier attempt to oust him following Mr Jiang’s intervention in the state of Orleana.

“I do not believe Assemblyman Bruno Segovia with a bag of scorpions to keep a secret from him, in conversation because he said that I told him that I had appointed him from governor to the last political lieutenant. This is a lie, I never did. , ”He said.

Laurie challenged the newcomer The legislature has a majority Must be removed from office. He assured that he wanted to reach an agreement on the way out of this crisis and he considered resigning, but his offer was not heeded.

CAL has qualified to sue Lori in Guadalupe. Panchkutik MPs held a press conference. It did not support the President »

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