The Prosecution A start notification has been sent Research The 93 members of the Assembly who were condemned by the President of the Assembly, Guadalupe Lori, must Violation Order of appropriate authority.

The notice was distributed by uniformed personnel The police In the Documentary Management Window of the Legislative Palace, this Friday, May 6, 2022.

Lori filed the complaint April 26, when, in the 772nd session of the plenary session, Marisella Holguin, the woman in the Charismo assembly, asked to change the order of the day and pave the way for the formation of a multi-party commission to investigate the allegations. Duty

“We are concerned that the country is once again trying to justify politics and that justice is at the mercy of personal interests,” Holguin responded this morning.

Parliament’s legal coordinator, Santiago Salazar, argued at the time that the plenary failed. I don’t know, I don’t know the treatment, I don’t know the solutionThe reason for this commission is that the warnings received by Lori in the Pichincha Court of Criminal Guarantee on 5 April were effective, although they were withdrawn on 27 April.

Salazar explained that Prosecution It is necessary to investigate whether the crime has been committed Accused Crime Violation Decisions issued by the appropriate authority. According to the industry. 282 of the Organic Comprehensive Criminal Code (COIP), which carries a maximum sentence of two to three years in prison.

The officer assured that A. Research Despite that previously art. Article 128 of the constitution states that members of the legislature will suffer Was From The court And they will not be held civilian or criminally responsible for their decisions in the legislature.

Other legal measures

In addition, Llori has filed another lawsuit against First Vice President, Virgilio Saquicela (Ind.) And CAL members Darwin Pereira (PK) and Ronny Aleaga (Unes).

Meanwhile, in a family court, he has filed a defense against Esteban Torres (PSC) alleging breach of due process of law.

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