Next May you will see the Sumako volcano. Photo: Courtesy Ministry of Tourism

The last holiday of the first semester of the year will be for this time Battle of Pichincha, That is called in 7 days. This is how Ministry of TourismWhich determines the break date of the year.

The holiday, which marks Tuesday, May 24 in the calendar, will end on Monday, May 23.

This break is mandatory Recoverable This is because according to the reform of the biological law of the public service and labor code, it complies with a civic reason.

With this holiday, there are national break breaks, until August, when five more breaks will return.

Holiday schedule between August and December 2022

  • The The first cry of freedom It will be held on Wednesday, August 10, but its holiday will be moved to Friday, August 12.
  • By Independence of Guayaquil, Which for 2022 will be moved to Sunday, October 9, Monday, October 10.
  • Holidays in November Day of the Deads, which falls on Wednesday 2, goes to Friday 4.
  • In the same November, the Freedom of Quench Which will continue on the 3rd Thursday to join the 4th Friday and will have four days off: Thursday from the 3rd to the 6th of November.
  • Finally, Christmas, Which falls on 25th Sunday in this 2022, will go away on Monday 26th December

What is remembered in the battle of Pichinchara?

On May 24, 1822, the troops of Marshal Antonio Jos de Sucre strategically advanced from Guaquil to Quito, heroically defending Ecuador’s independence and sovereignty embodied in the conquest of Pichincha.

As a result of this battle, surrender was achieved where Spanish forces surrendered their weapons. Great ColumbiaThe annexation of the Quito Division to the Republic of Colombia and the victorious progress to the independence of Peru

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