John Rahm’s disaster and Tiger Woods are suffering terribly

John Rahm, at PGA.
John Rahm, at PGA.Tannen aniseEFE
  • PGA, second day Woods has the courage to make the cut

debacle of John Raham, Trouble Tiger Woods Upon his return, he decided to withdraw from a major for the first time in his career, and a position in the top five tournaments taken by players who had never won a PGA Tour. That’s how the PGA Championship got out of control, the third day of which we went from sunscreen and shorts to windbreakers and weightsuits. The tournament has definitely gone crazy.

Arnaus, nine strokes away

adri arnaus He is the best Spaniard tied in 17th place with equal result. He was able to get oil from the third day, but his -2 card was twisted with two bogies in the final hole. The Catalans, not strokes behind the leader, will play with Rory McIroy A beautiful Sunday with many dream goals within reach.

The story of Rahm’s 76 shots in the third round is easy to argue, his golf has left him, especially the irregular outside of T, which has worked best for him so far. Lane de Barika is not accustomed to traveling so far from the top-ten majors or signing laps without scoring a single birdie on a Saturday.

Woods’ battle was against the cold, against the elements, against the field, against his game and against his feet, knocking out many open front Californians who delivered a 79, the highest card in his PGA history and the third largest Majors Tiger, appearing in the media after his return. Hannibal issued a brief statement in which he acknowledged the end of the “very annoying and painful” day. Woods’ team seemed to be paving the way for what would come a few minutes later, confirming that for the first time in his career, 15 major winners had moved away from one of them.

Chile’s leadership and delirium.

The rise of Joaquin Niemann three years ago has tarnished Chile’s sporting history. His first win on the PGA Tour in 2019 catapulted him as the best Chilean golfer in history at just 21 years old. In a country that doesn’t reach 20 million inhabitants with just 10,000 golfers, even taxi drivers proudly spoke to you about their joaco work.

This is his second victory this year, confirmation, but he’s not alone, he’s grown golfistically. William Pereira, Leader of the PGA Championship with a three-stroke advantage in the absence of the final 18 holes. Mito, as he is known on the PGA Tour, is playing his first season on the PGA Tour, in fact he is facing his 29th tournament this week, his only experience at the Majors was the 2019 US Open where he missed the cut. The last Rocky to win a Major was Keegan Bradley Was the latest to open his record at the 2011 PGA Championships and with a Major Charles Schwartzel In the same year Masters.

Tennis player Marcelo Rios was probably Chile’s most important individual athlete who failed to win a crown at a Grand Slam event. Mito is breaking the scheme and his 69-stroke card on the third day with complicated condition denies any argument. Chile took command with one blow and when everyone was in trouble, he collected two birdies without fail in the first seven holes and became the leader with the advantage of four strokes. There was a problem with four bogies in five holes, which was logical.

The inexperience suddenly seemed to awaken the sweet Chilean dream, but then something extraordinary happened, again, Pereira took over the situation and quietly closed the call which paid off in the form of three birdies, spectacular ending in 18, which gave him the advantage of three shots which Tonight puts the whole country on edge. Pereira has three shots ahead at the moment Matt Fitzpatrick.

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