On Sunday, May 15, 150 weapons were reported missing from the National Police Model Barracks in Guayaquil. The organization acknowledged that the pistols were being used by criminals. Photo: Enrique Pesantes / EL COMERCIO

At least nine last year 150 weapons have been stolen Of Model barracks rack Inside Guayaquil They were used in criminal activities in the city. Police rescued Smith and Wesson pistols In various operations from July 28, 2021 to yesterday, May 16, 2022.

The Pistol They are part of a batch of 150 people stolen from the model, whose disappearance was reported on Sunday, May 15, 2022, and as a result Stigma This is the 16th Monday.

Fasto salinus, Commander-in-Chief of Police, It was confirmed on Tuesday morning that the nine pistols had been used in criminal activities. And they were arrested during raids in sectors like Guayaquil Forest. The forest, Suburbs, Dawn, Easter, Trinity IslandIn its rural parish Posorja; And in the surrounding canton Duran.

The weapons did not register with the system SavedS for destruction by s Antiquity And mechanical problems. So far it has been done Sum With missing lots Model BarracksSalinas explained.

Weapons recovered from possessions

One of them Smith and Wesson Rescued this Monday May 16th Posorja, After a person reported an attempted murder. Police chased and arrested four people including one Guns Many have been stolen from the police.

“The cases are being used to determine identifiable and to determine the person who removed the weapon from the police rack,” the commander reported. “It simply came to our notice then Institutional image And with the only way to deal with them Transparency

Md. Three custodians Shop Or is criminally investigated by both racks Prosecution For its internal matter The policeWhich is an open Administrative process.

1991 was the year of making stolen weapons, so they showed wear and tear and defects in their operational characteristics. The company plans to reach out to them Armed forces For you Destruction.

A physical check of the racks is done every year. The last was done at the Model Barracks on June 14, 2021, when a Criminal technical report Identify Pistol In the warehouse

This was scheduled for Thursday, May 19, according to a memorandum Zonal CommanderA New physical discovery. However, last Sunday, May 15, Dr. Disarmament scandal.


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