Referential image. In Jungle Battalion No. 55, Putumayo, there was a clash. Photo courtesy.

Trial of armed criminals Violation The advantage of this Jungle Battalion No. 55, in Putumayo (Suicide) There was one Confrontation With military personnel. This truth is revealed by Ecuador Army This Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

The purpose of the clashes was to prevent armed men from entering the military unit. During the incident, the suspect said They hit To two people Soldiers. The incident happened on Monday, May 16, at 11:30 p.m.

One of the soldiers who was attacked was immediately transferred The hospital From Talk Lake To assess your health condition.

Besides, the accused Dr. Criminal Subtraction Two HK rifle Among the members of the armed forces who were performing this duty Guard the barracks.

According to the military, after the criminals stole weapons, the soldiers searched the whole area, however, Suspicious Was launched in Jungle and escape.

“Security has been beefed up throughout the battalion and in military units belonging to Jungle Brigade No. 19. The Dureno-Tarapoa road has also been regulated and coordinated with Colombian border units,” the Earth Force indicated.

Police weapons theft.

The theft of two army rifles came after police stole 150 weapons from the fly market. Model BarracksGuayaquil.

In fact, subject to three police officers Administration of justice For robbery That weapon. On Monday, May 16, Home Minister Patricio Carrillo confirmed this.

The interior minister noted that the crime proved “a systematic theft for a certain period of time without adequate supervision.” Therefore, he promises more control To purify the status of the police.

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