Its staff Traffic and Mobility Agency (ATM) Conducts a control operation outside the Vehicle Technical Review Center on the north Narcissa de Jesus Avenue Guayaquil. The purpose is to avoid the presence of alleged processors and scammers.

According to authorities, these people will deceive users by offering apparent repairs to their vehicles even if there is no damage. They also charge exorbitant fees and even charge for the first aid items needed during the review.

Carlos OrellanaThe director of registration and review at ATMs noted that the security of users is being protected so that they do not fall prey to these citizens.

The official said: “If there is any damage, it is better to wait for the benefit. And if he has to go back in time for repairs, he does so, with all the protection of the case. ”

According to Orellana, “Citizens complained about our scandal, asking for থেকে 30 to 80 80 to replace a light bulb that could cost a few dollars, and then threatening them if they did not use their services.”

During the operation, the accused mechanics or processors fled or pretended not to be related to the complaint.

However, two persons carrying equipment like wires, lights and fire extinguishers in bags and backpacks have been identified. They were confiscated because they could not justify their use in and around their source. Vehicle technical review.

The move was supported by the National Police and the Guayaquil Municipality’s Department of Justice and Surveillance.

Users ask this operation to be permanent. Installation of preventive signs in the enclosure is analyzed, as well as safety monitoring.

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