The relatives had to wait for almost two years Marilyn Perez To be buried in Barranquilla NurseWho died in July 2020 from Covid-19 and had a body Confused. Since then, they have started a fight that ended this Thursday, May 5, 2022 with “mixed feelings.”

Of Lifting The results of the residue, which was carried out in November 2021 Sure Last hour that yes Try Of Professional From Health And so her loved one was able to give her Christian tombs.

Female, 50 years old, Is working June 13 at Soledad Hospital (Atlantico). Suffering from diabetes And El Prado came to the clinic with very high blood sugar levels, for which he needed treatment. Intervention.

Days later, he suffers Pneumonia He was in the unit for two serious weeks Nibir’s observation (UCI), until July 6, 2020, in the morning, its date Death.

Perez’s family was shocked when they went to claim the body Didn’t show up at the morgue Care center.

“The day we went to receive him BodyThe In the morgue For three hours he had no answer. Until we get a call from In the morgue Los Olivos, which we rented. She told us she was my mother Rooted Inside The garden Of Eternity And has been mistakenly distributed Another familyKatherine Hernandez, the daughter of the deceased, said.

Surprising search at the clinic

On her behalf, husband The victimAlberto Hernandez, searching for the body inside Clinic. In the process, he learned that there was a retreat for that day Tomb And it was about two Men What? Rest Upstairs Morgue.

Apparently it has been recorded A body swap And two graves Wrong organizationAccording to Guess Of loved ones.

In a report from Medical centerTook the case as “A” Human error”, Which has been avoided by those responsible for the process Part Of Protocol.

A legal process with a result arriving this Thursday

Perez began to move Judicial Allow them to find the nurse’s body The paperwork process is delayed And the pain and suffering of the family.

Similarly, r Secretary From Health The district is an open one Research Per Clinic The Grassland For the disappearance of two bodies, between them, that Nurse Marilyn Perez Linen.

Relatives of the woman in the midst of grief this Thursday Expulsion A. Cemetery With a sense of the city “Peace”, After a hard work War To allow, now yes, that Rest In peace.

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