New renovation work was inaugurated, including a gym with changing rooms. Also, the National Children’s Boxing Program without Introduction is presented

At the height of the most important federation in the country. With everything an athlete needs. While the works sounded like a bad word during the epidemic, the inauguration of the works took place last night at the San Juanina Boxing Federation.

For many years forgotten and lost, the entity controlling the fate of provincial boxing was not able to provide what it needed for this discipline.

With the contribution of the Sports Secretary, there is now ample space for training at the headquarters. Through it, boxing could be promoted locally, something that was only left in the hands of a few clubs in the province.

The Belgrano Street building was completely renovated, and a gymnasium with restrooms and changing rooms was built on 70 square meters of the organization’s courtyard. It was enclosed by a 3-meter-high metal structure and a perimeter of light partitions.

Also, important changes were made and they function as an organization within the building. Today, in addition to other rooms for various uses, there is a reception, administrative office and a hostel.

“All games are part of the revolution. The first roof we inaugurated was Mokoroar and today we have moved to another location according to the needs of boxing. We need to have space for training to attract athletes. Today we take the first step and work to give life to the Children’s Boxing project without communication, another important step for the sport that has given San Juan two world champions, “said George Chika, the sports secretary of the province.

Child non-contact boxing

Luis Romeo, president of the Argentine Boxing Federation, made a formal presentation of the BISC regulations (children’s boxing without connection) and explained how the competitions would be conducted, as well as the teaching methods.

Similarly, there was talk of creating a Teaching Methodology Manual, which would integrate defense, attack, tactics and training on the same basis that would define the profile of future Argentine boxers.

The aim is to create an Argentine boxing school run by the same educational foundation.

The federation was like that a while ago

The changes are effective for San Juanino Boxing headquarters

Pictures of the opening law

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