Today is World Press Freedom Day. Despite some politicians who have tried to convey otherwise, this is almost unimaginable without the other. Thought, which is free (“idea is not killed”, is called), needs words for its existence.

No worries without words. In ancient times, oral language was the only way; But once the writing is invented, that thought can remain in the memory of humanity. Written words, printed in books or newspapers, were the core of humanity. It allowed a wider movement of ideas and created a great transformation of humanity; There can also be great evil.

Then came cinema, radio, and television, as the means of expressing the worldview of individuals and communities. Now, with digital transformation, there is a diversity of platforms for people to express what they think. The funny thing is that words are needed in all visual resources to expand the original concept.

Humans are basically creatures of sound. Language is the greatest achievement of its evolution. And the freedom to use them is something we must protect to the end because that is the basis of all freedom.

This printed edition of EL COMERCIO, on pages 14 and 15, reflects, in addition to the digital edition, a reflection of how young people feel about their right to freedom of expression. Some, in the exercise of that freedom, have chosen to touch on other things, such as happiness, animalism, veganism, many important things to the new generation, to which we need to pay more and better attention.

What should be clear is that thought does not always have a position, whatever it may be: aesthetic, political, sporting, economic, although deeply intertwined. The important thing is not to claim that others should think like leaders, something that was felt in the country for a decade and that was detrimental to freedom of expression and the press.

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