The National COE upholds the recommendation to wear a mask in a closed area. Photo: Ministry of Education

Emergency Operations Committee (COE) National This Tuesday, May 17, 2022 analyzed the epidemic situation Covid-19 It is Ecuador.

Dr. from the crisis room in the meeting on Tuesday ECU 911 Quito. Has participated John ZapataPresident of the National COE; Jimena Garjan, Minister of Health; Y. Francis JimenezMinister of Government.

Since last April 27 Ecuador Its mandatory use has been removed Mask Voluntarily in open and closed places. After raising the issue on behalf of the government Extreme It is controlled.

And on May 12, 2022, the president of the COE asked Cantonal COEs Stop banning citizens from wearing masks.

Minister Garzin indicated that care for the Covid-19 had declined last week. Across the country, 393 patients have been treated, without complications or hospitalization.

Two deaths of people over the age of 50 have been reported, one in the province of Guas and the other in Manabi. They did not introduce the booster vaccine. He stressed the need to complete the ticker dose.

5% viral positivity has been maintained and the Minister reiterated that “we have all vaccines available at 1,000 centers across the country.”

He also announced that he would be participating in an international commission from Wednesday.

# Coronavirus infection in Quito continues to decline. What about vaccinations? Https://

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