ANS is made up of 33 organizations working with rare, catastrophic and chronic diseases, transplant patients and persons with disabilities. Photo: Courtesy National Alliance for Health

“Patients get tired, we get tired of technical meetings, promises, indifference of authorities,” said Gustavo Davila, coordinator. National Alliance for Health (ANS), this June 2, 2022.

DeVilla mentioned that Government He has already been in power for a year and no change has been seen Health systemWhere there is no medicine or supply.

Therefore, at the request of a public, ANSWhich brings together 33 patient organizations Rare disease, Catastrophic, ChroniclesTransplant patients and persons with disabilities, request that announcement Health is urgent In Government Hospital And IES.

Achieve this so fast Of drugs That’s what these patients need.

They further requested that Sentence Of Security action Won by patients and associations that integrate working groups for the acquisition process and adherence to drug quality.

“Neither seedlings nor protection measures are effective.”

William AlestiaRepresentatives of transplant patients noted that there was no seating arrangement, no safety measures, no strikes or meetings with the authorities to change or improve the situation they were facing.

“From today, we hold the government responsible for life, for the health of all patients, not just for transplants. Disease Orphans, rare, chronic, oncological, “said Alessia.

Hernan Copeds, Patient Representative Myasthenia gravis, The country’s health situation qualifies as traumatic, putting the lives of those affected by the disease at risk. He added that despite the fact that they had won protective measures, the authorities did not comply with the drug supply.

In this sense, the President said ANSPablo Garrett warned that they would start with everything under the biological law of constitutional guarantee. Legal action Relevant to the removal campaign of government officials who failed to comply with the handed over sentence.

He added that it would be required, provided by law, Payment Of Loss Y. Loss Which are due to the pregnancy of patients in the absence of drugs.

“Enough to take protective measures to guarantee the right to health,” he said.

Patient solidarity

The manager also announced A. Consolidation Permanent so that patients can be heard and if there is no favorable response they will go The road To claim their rights.

Davila mentioned that they would meet on Thursday, June 9th Large courtyardIn the historical center QuitoTry talking directly to the President William Lasso.

For Felix Gallagher, representative of patients Rare diseaseIt is not heard that they have to beg in the streets Law Prescribed by the Constitution. “It simply came to our notice then. We want the government to comply. “

Request a Announcement Of Health is urgent This June 2 carried by ANS, joined by one made by May 26 Medical College Minister Jimena Garzan from the country noted that there was no need to take such action and assured that they were working to solve the problem in the health system.

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