The new season takes place on a new timeline. Photo: Europe Press

‘Moon Night’ has shocked her fans by including several episodes in its episodes QR Which gave the audience a chance to read Comics Of Marvel. The latest series to join this trend is ‘The Umbrella Academy’. And that’s the myth Netflix Also hides a code QR Inside it Season 3.

The new season of The Umbrella Academy takes place on a new alternative timeline, including Umbrella (Except Ben) was not born and is instead Sparrow Academy. Among other changes is that PogoChimpanzees Sir Reginald HargreavesThose who are not butlers of the family in this new reality are members of the biker gang Mothers of pain.

Her main job seems to be to the group’s tattoo artist, as she is seen tattooing someone in her first scene and even gave her a tattoo. Number fiveAnd that’s precisely here You will see the QR code. Unlike the previous season, Season 3 of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ has a post-credit scene where QR code.

Once scanned, the code takes users to, a website featuring a sign reading Pogo’s Tattoo Shop and various tattoo designs inspired by the series. A briefcase of a moon (referring to Luther’s interstellar house and Victor’s destructive celestial body), CommissionIts a logo Sparrow AcademyIts a logo Umbrella AcademyA sparrow holding an umbrella, refers to some tentacles Ben’s powerA violin in Victor’s reference, a related ghost KlausA bell, some devilish image, that tattoo Number five Book or map Hotel oblivion Some designs seen on the web.

“After the end of the Resurrection of 1963, the ‘Umbrella Academy’ is back in the present, they are sure that they have avoided the initial apocalypse and fixed that timeline for once. But after a brief celebration, they realize that things are exactly the way they left them. No. Enter the scene Sparrow Academy. Smart, elegant and warm like an icy sea, Sparrow Immediately clash Umbrella In a Violent Clash “, the official summary of Season 3 reads.

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