Through Metropolitan Attorney’s Office And Quito Metro CompanyCabildo has already requested the Spanish government for relevant information on alleged irregularities in the issuance of a consultative agreement for the construction of this transport system in the capital.

The request, the mayor’s office said in a statement ConfidentialThe process was carried out at the direct request of the mayor Santiago GarderasTo the prosecutor who is handling the case in Ecuador and through international criminal assistance.

This was announced by the municipality, via a statement, which was published on Saturday, April 9, 2022.

According to the municipality, the purpose is to “expedite the relevant actions to establish responsibility” in this case “offer the full cooperation of the municipality.”

“We will not allow it Intentional behavior in the pastAnd put the most important project in the city at risk outside of our administration, “the document said.

April 8 was already a statement from the company Quito subway The investigation was preceded in 2013 by allegations of bribery by officials in the capital, who won a consultative contract to build the metro.

According to Metro de Quito, its current manager Efren Bastidas For the consultative agreement “was not part of the negotiation stage and did not sign the negotiation document where the final amount and terms were established”.

What has been explained is that in 2013, Bastidas made a joining Technical Commission Evaluate such advice, but ‚Äúpartially participate Process Review Mentioned, because he was in the process of traveling to study for a master’s degree in transportation through a scholarship from Sensit.

Cabildo stressed that it had acted in a “timely and transparent manner” in cases where officials working in the municipality Administration of Augusto Barrera. Therefore, it was withdrawn, the previous investigation on the same information had already been opened.

Therefore, the municipality has approved “absolute transparency of every action taken by this administration for the operation of Quito Metro”.


“My name is not in the document discussing the GMQ consortium’s contract process and recommendations,” said Metro’s current manager. Efren BastidasLast Friday.

From Quito Metro, it was said that the issue “coincidentally” became relevant when “just 15 days ago the selection process for the international railway that will operate the first line of Quito Metro began.”

For his part, Bergomaster has announced that a meeting of the Quito Metro Board of Directors will be held in the coming days to analyze the situation and the possible continuity of the current manager.

In the last few days, Mayor Md Bernard Abbott He pointed out that all authorities of the past administration should investigate the matter. “The investigation conducted by the Spanish Prosecutor’s Office into the alleged bribery of Quito Metro officials in 2013 will not affect the international operator’s contract process,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

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