Noise and Petni Of Front Of a building Patriot This was registered Video A part of the amateur building is located on 9th October and Escobedo It collapsed on Tuesday, April 12, early 2022.

Partial landslides were recorded around 3:30 p.m. GuayaquilWithout cause of injury or death. The focus was on damage Front Street Escobedo. The Department of Justice and Surveillance has affixed its stamp Off Y. Management From Risk Building safety assessment.

The entire elevated facade of Escobedo Road collapsed, while the facade of 9 de Octubre was not damaged.
The fire service shut down roads and equipment Municipality From Guayaquil He arrived this Tuesday morning to begin removing the contents.

Alan Hack, director of the municipality’s risk department, confirmed the matter Will be stable The Structure To empty the consulate equipment. “I think we can try to save the front of October 9, which will be met Owners After carrying out structural study of the building ”.

104 years of construction

Apparently, the fall was due to the action of the current season Rain And due to old age WoodAccording to Carlos Moreno, from the Fire Department. The building is 104 years old.

The mixed construction building was uninhabited in the collapsed part. But below they work Local Electrical equipment sales and upstairs one, but by October 9, Consulate From Monaco In town.

Javier Tola from the Monaco Consulate said they were looking Edge The Structure On the affected facade after cleaning. “We don’t know if the consulate will be able to continue working in this area,” he said. The building was built in 1918 and the partial collapse sheds light on the neglect of heritage homes in the center of Guayaquil.

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