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The municipality does not have a company to inspect the vehicles

At the Ruminahui Canton Revision Center, they even get on the Ecovia system bus, which runs in Quito. Carlos Noriega / The Trade

The July 1 The process should begin Registration In Quito, however, there are eight offers to run Inspection The strategy was not adopted and a new one Bidding. The municipality maintains that what is given will be met according to the rescheduling.

The Center Of Vehicle technical review Still closed Quito. It is planned that the registration process related to the 2022 period will start in the capital from July. However, as of June 2, 2022, it is not known which company will offer this service.

Councilman Omar Sevalos said the competition to hire a service provider for the Vehicle Technology Review (RTV) in Quito was declared closed. However, he assured that it was reactivated on Tuesday.

According to Councilwoman Analia Ledesma, there is no technical review of any vehicle because there are no bidders. “They will never meet the established time.”

Despite the councilors’ announcement, Silvana Vallejo, director of the Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT), reported that eight companies, including national, international and academic, had submitted their offers to be part of the process. They are currently in pre-contract stage.

“We are on schedule as planned, we had to meet a series of requirements: first, it was to enter into a liquidation process as directed by the State Comptroller General and comply with the resolution of the National Traffic Agency (ANT). We have a rescheduling, which starts in July for Quito. “


The official explained that the municipality stopped receiving more than USD 1 million annually for not conducting a technical review of the vehicle. However, he clarified that this amount would have been equivalent if at least 58,000 vehicles in neighboring GADs had complied with the procedure. So far only 11,000 vehicles have been registered in other cantons. “That means the impact is much lower than expected,” he said.

Carla Martinez went to the center of Ruminahui Canton in Sangolkui to carry out the inspection process of her car. She didn’t want to wait until September and took her vacation at work to get an appointment and check-up. He says there was an Odyssey that ran the system in Quito in previous years. “There were a lot of people, the system was down, there was no shift and I’m afraid it would happen if it was turned on in July. It’s a waste of days, “he said.

This is the same opinion shared by German Andre, who went to the Ruminahui Revision Center from the Carapungo sector to run this municipal system. “I got the transfer without any difficulty and adhering to the process in another canton is a great help for those of us who work and don’t have the time,” he said.

Santiago Salazar, director of mobility and transportation at Ruminahui GAD, assures that 900 shifts are introduced every week. “We don’t have exact figures on how many citizens come to Quito, but we had 1,800 to 2,000 cars checked every day compared to the previous year. We are currently crossing 3,200 vehicles, ”he said.

Process scheduled for July

The review and renewal of circulation permits in Quito must begin with its number Permission plaque: July, 1st and 2nd; August, 3 and 4; September, 5 and 6; October, 7 and 8; November, 9 and 0. December, all numbers can do it with fines.
New vehicles acquired and registered for the first time in 2022 will receive a discount from RTV for three calls. Commercial houses will be responsible for preparing all competent documents for circulation, the document said.

The process of mediation

With 12 votes in favor, the council approved an extraordinary session, last Friday, to sign a total arbitration agreement. The agreement was signed between AMT and the ITLS consortium with Danton SA companies to finalize the payment of pending RTV services since the agreement expired in 2017.

The amount owed was USD 3,066,155.62, which required a dispute resolution process through the mediation center of the State Attorney General’s Office. It was indicated that it would be the regulatory bodies that would define the obligations not to enter into relevant agreements to carry out technical inspection services of vehicles.

During that meeting, Santiago Garderes confirmed that the registration process and technical review would begin in July. Count to 28 days of the next month.

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