The monumental state was visited on May 17, 2022. Photo: Twitter @FEFecuador

Delegates South American Football Confederation (Conmeable) Visited the Monumental Stadium in Guayaquil on May 17, 2022. The stage will host the finals Libertadores Cup In October.

Its members The mayor of Guayaquil and the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF) were also present at the meeting. The representatives of these organizations will form an inter-institutional table to establish a working procedure. Event organization.

At the meeting, delegates from Conmeable They are supervised PlaygroundHotel available, training facilities Barcelona, Fan and Airport Embassy Headquarters. Before, there was Board On occasion The final.

An earlier meeting

Dr. led in April BarcelonaLed Carlos Alfaro-MorenoIts president accepted Conmebol, Alejandro Dominguez. During the visit they spoke at the Monumental Stadium and then left for City Hall.

During the discussion, they exchanged souvenirs, such as T-shirts and small replicas of the organization. Libertadores Cup He mentioned that the port authorities are expecting a minimum of Rs 40 thousand people.

Through sports events, Guayaquil That’s it Expectations Tourism growth. Although the end Redeemer Confirmed, there is a possibility that it harbors that South American.

The latest incident at the Monumental Stadium

Its inspection Conmeable Comes a week after the incident Shipyard Classic. In the match against Emelek They took place Vandalism And infrastructure Monumental Was affected. In turn, there was behavior Violent Y. Racist.

Provocation after exaggeration, d Ligapro Decided to suspend the stadium with a match No public And an economic sanction has been granted for Barcelona. Similarly, r Office of the State Attorney General The investigation into the incident has begun.

The bullfighting team decides to take part and implements it Series The value is that The audience To be complied with in the future. Take the club Legal action Against the criminals of the last match.

The Confederacy Did not rule on the information raised. Attendance information was known after the first meeting Representative Organizations in different groups. This is a measure Supervision.

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