A 32-year-old woman who had been missing for three days has been found dead in Cuenca. Photo: Pixabay

Three days after his disappearance, this Thursday, June 2, 2022 afternoon Body Of Call Tania Priscilla, The 32-year-old belongs to the Malinopamba sector Rural parish Of Ricaurte, of the North Basin.

The Body Of Women It was not found Half buriedWith sheet and wrapped in a quilt Symptoms Of AttackAbout 200 meters down a rural road.

The family gave her the news Disappearance May 30, before National Crime Department Against life, extortion and violent death (dinosaurs) after finding traces of blood in the apartment where he lived.

Its agents Dinosaur They believe the crime happened on May 30, as the body began to decompose. Malinopamba residents said they saw a red car parked at the site that day.

The The police Specialized and Prosecution They are working to find the perpetrator of this violence, the first of July. So far this year there have been 30 CrimeOf which 21 are in Quenca.


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