The Participatory process To build new Draft From Biological law For Integrated management Of Water resources Started today, May 3, 2022 Chimborazo. The Ministry Of Environment Leads the process according to a schedule.

The participatory construction process begins this afternoon Chimborazo And it is supposed to end on June 8 this year.

Responds to this sentence Constitutional Court Which, in its judgment of January 12, 2022, concluded that Biological law From Water resourcesUse and Exploitation Of Water And its regulations are unconstitutional because of the form. So he instructed to process a new regulation.

According to the court, the current law is contrary to Article 57, No. 17 Constitution. This ideology refers to the rights of the people and Indigenous nationality “They will be consulted before taking any legal action that could affect any of their collective rights.”

The purpose of the participatory process

The goal is to collectively build a new proposal Law From Water resources“To improve the quality of water Human useSimplify the procedure for using it and reduce it Pollution”, The government announced March 22.

On this occasion, the President said William Lasso He explained that the method of joint construction would be in three stages: preparation; Participatory construction; Y. Capital Of Draft From Law. “It is unacceptable that the current law was made without consulting all the actors involved, as the court indicated,” the president said.

The Ministry Will make sureExtensive participation“A Social organizationCommunities, cities, nationalities, unions, academia, drinking water and sanitation boards, irrigation and drainage boards, government and non-government organizations and citizens in general. Construction The New law.

Based on Constitutional principles, Environment “Privatization of all types of water is prohibited,” he said.

In addition, it indicates that Water resources “Let’s go Human useIrrigation which ensures food sovereignty, flow Environmental Y. Productive activitiesIn this order of priority “and all use and exploitation will require approval ৷

The participation process will continue tomorrow in Kotopaxi and Tungurahua provinces. Here you can check the schedule.

Offers can be registered. At this link.

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