Declaring a state of emergency has halved crime in the province, military authorities have assured. The first assessment of the steps taken last week by President Guillermo Lasso to tackle crime.

President Esmeraldas has declared a state of emergency in Manabi and Guas. The measure includes curfew in the city’s Esmeraldas parish; Pasquels and Gimena in Guayaquil and Allo Alfaro in Duran.

“The crime rate in this sector has dropped by 50%,” said John Merlo, commander of naval operations. The officer noted that the information was provided by the National Police, which keeps statistics.

He noted that the initial numbers show a decrease in crime related to other holidays. This, despite a car bomb and the killing of a police officer in Guayaquil, among other violent acts.

1,800 military

In Guayaquil, the violence is concentrated in the cantons of Guayaquil, Duran and Samborondon. In this area, an average of 3.5 violent deaths per day are recorded. These figures prompted the government to declare a state of emergency. In the case of Guakil and Duran, 1,800 members of the armed forces were deployed to support the police.

Merlo noted that the coordination between the two forces is permanent and that they want to operate 24 hours a day. Military assistance logistics with trucks and heavy vehicles.

Fabian Fuel, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, noted that troops had been transferred from other provinces to strengthen patrols in Esmeraldas, Manabi and Guas. He noted that they acted on the basis of police intelligence reports.

“We are going to analyze this threat intelligently and deal directly with it to see how this threat works,” Fuel assured. A meeting is scheduled for Friday, May 6 to assess the state of emergency and curfew results.

Two serious soldiers

The condition of two members of the armed forces is critical in a road accident after completing the patrol. Authorities say a drunken driver rammed into a military truck, injuring and beating 16 soldiers.

According to Merlo, the case involves a skull-brain fracture of a military server who is in intensive care. The second incident was that of an army corporal who had two fractures in his spine.

Two uniformed men are at the health center in Guayaquil. The suspected driver has been arrested for the accident.

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