The troops passed through Chilogallo and reached the Loire before heading to La Sima de la Libertado. Photo: Ecuador Army

Something 300 Ecuadorian troops120 of them on horseback, covering the route that the soldiers had previously made Battle of PichinchaMay 24, 1822.

After reviewing the historical archives, Ecuador Army He searched for the path taken by the two largest squadrons to fight. Since some have come Guayaquil And from others Basin. This is how it is organized Bicentennial equestrianWhich goes through the eye parish before heading to the Sima de la Libertadas on Saturday morning.

A portion of the military left the Pacific pearl on May 5, 2022. They have passed through Chone, Babayo, Belovan and Gardada. Three days later, on May 6, the other Platoon From Cuenca and passes through Azogues, Cañar, El Tambo, Alausí, Guamote and Junin. The two met at Riobamba and proceeded to the capital.

This Sunday 22nd May, 2022 they passed Chilogalo And they arrived in Loya before heading to La Sima de la Libertad, where there will be a ceremony commemorating the May 24 war.

George Penafiel, The commander of the army, exited Guayaquil and proved the difficulty of the journey. They had to endure Rain, fog, intense sunshineHe said that in every town people were joining on foot and on horseback and going on long journeys with people in uniform. Inside RiobambaFor example, about 150 goats joined the army and rode with the soldiers as a sign of respect and gratitude to the liberators.

Penafiel says he has seen that there are people all over the country Patriotic consciousness. In every town where they had to spend the night, they arranged to stay in their stadium or coliseum.

Uniformed men lay in tents and each carried their suitcases with water, energy bars and some food.

A formal ceremony was held there around 10:30 am Loa Square. The infantry and artillery battalions led a ceremony to highlight the importance of this parish in the cause of independence.

Besides Military and their domesMembers of Itihas Academy, delegations of educational institutions, presidents of neighborhoods, representatives of councils and neighbors were present.

He enters National anthem And there were words from the authorities. The community looked at the entrance of the three horsemen with reverence. The first, without a microphone, read and delivered the Liberal Declaration only in full lungs.

Spoke Bolivar and Sucre patriotismAnd the importance of national unity and the importance of inherited independence.

Francesca OrozkoThe army captain says that in some cities they organize cultural nights with community solidarity, educational units and dance troupes.

In Quenca, for example, a mapping was done and videos were shown May 24 Heroic work. Also, cavalry and military bands participate.

Educational units and dance troupes were presented at Plaza Caesar Chiriboga, Los Chilos.

Enrique GonzalezThe president of the Lower Decentralized Autonomous Government talks about the role of parish in the document and says residents are proud that their ancestors played an important role in independence.

The lower central courtyard was filled Military, tourist And people in the community. Businesses have appreciated the event because it helps reactivate trades

Root Piloso, 58, owns the La Casa del Marino restaurant. He said the epidemic had hit them hard. I used to sell about 100 meals a day on weekends. He had to close the shop next to the square during the ban, and now he sells about 50. He hopes to gradually return to normal.

# Bicentennial | A web special that explores data that, over the years, has been left out of the official story.

Someone sent something to the post office Trade On Saturday, May 21, 2022

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