Its project Monthly Health and Hygiene Act The 773rd session of the Assembly Plenary was tackled and passed The first debate. The value objective is controlled Monthly management Through access and use of healthy and sustainable hygiene products, Drs Marco Molina, President of the Right to Health Commission. It seeks to do so in a dignified and justifiable way, in an attentive and progressive way for menstruating people.

In addition, the MLA explained that the project originated because most of the adolescents and women who live in poverty. No access to monthly hygiene products. “They will benefit from this bill Students Public education units, users of public health services in vulnerable situations and people deprived of liberty. Residents of rural areas will be given priority. ”

Representatives of menstruating people have argued during the debate that suffering Lack of sanitary supplies. They say it’s not just about handing them over, it’s about providing information and education. Among them were Bernarda Cornejo, Valeria Galarza and Camilla Albuza Network in red, A group dedicated to monthly health and education. Also on display was Aime Maza Valle El Oro Women’s Movement.

Changes in the concept of law

Eleven MPs took part in the debate, most of whom emphasized the importance of the bill Menstrual health And to facilitate access to its products. Especially those who have less.

They suggested Transform the concept of cleanliness into management In the title of the norm and among other things, they mentioned that the law must be comprehensive. In other words, it must be established which organization will be in charge Delivery of goods Monthly hygiene was also said to be included Ancient medicine, Respect their habits; And education will be a priority for women of community and nationality.

Lawmakers also stressed that the law would be affected Public spending. That is why they said this pointing to the source Financing It is important for control to be effective and sustainable. For this reason, they point out that it is necessary Feasibility study Relevant.

After the discussion, Right to Health Commission Will get Observation and adviceTo prepare a report for the second debate.

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