The Winter Does not end and Rain They continue to cause Loss In different sectors of the country. On Sunday night, April 17, there a Structural collapse of the bridge What a connection Old drums Came with the neighborhoodTo Jewel In Tambilo, Canton Mejia.

According to him Fire brigade Mejia Canton was not recorded Injured. However, a red car fell and the water was covered by flowing mud due to heavy rain. There were no passengers in the car.

Uniforms are used to normalize security Traffic In connection with the Barrio La Tide.

Winter damage

Around 9 pm Pichincha Prefecture It has been reported that there will be Mitad del Mundo-Rio Blanco Road (Calacali) Off Per Vehicle circulation Monday, April 18 at night and April 19, 2022 at dawn, due Climate.

Similarly, according to ECU 911 Alag – Santo DomingoOr there was a problem registering a landslide in the 55 km Tandapi sector. At the moment, however, they have confirmed that the road has been enabled.

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