Indigenous leaders were the first to arrive at the dialogue meeting, which resumed on Tuesday, June 26. Photo: Julio Estrella / EL Commercio.

This Tuesday, June 28, 2022, it is expected Resume dialogue In Government And leaders Indigenous movement In its auditorium Basilica of national vowsIn the center Quito.

Was scheduled for the meeting 9 o’clock This Tuesday, however, activity is delayed. In principle, in the church auditorium, the space occupied by the parties is due to the issue of organization.

10:00 ago, Bernardino BrisenoThe parish priest of the Basilica asked the people of the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador (No) To leave consistent space Official representative.

The meeting did not start till 10:25 Authority Of Executive They were not present then. When Indigenous leaders They were already at the respective tables. They are its representatives No, Confenia, Equatorial, Fine Y Phenosine.

“It is up to the national government to give a definite answer to what the tribal movements have fought so far. We hope it will be resolved because Ecuador is waiting, ”he said. Marlon VargasPresident of the Amazon National Confederation (Confenia) Through a community.

President of the National Assembly, Virgil Sakisela, Also at the scene. In a statement to the press, he hinted that he was hoping There is peace Until the situation is resolved.

It is also awaiting the presence of the authorities Executive. In addition, he highlighted that “some small points” were reached during the June 27 meeting.

As the government has decided Insult The Decree 95, Which refers to the hydrocarbon policy through immediate action plans. “It is very important to repeal Decree 95, it is a victory,” the chief stressed Confenia.

Meanwhile, a group gathered outside the meeting place at 10:38 am. They have left Central University of Ecuador.

The dialogue started at 11 am when a delegation of the national government arrived. The leaders of the tribal movement requested to be with all the powers of the state.

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