The photo he shared on Twitter has already received more than 26,000 responses. Photo: Cardinas screenshot / Twitter.

Moving a job Social media. It’s about a father waiting at the bus stop for his daughter.

Via Twitter, Belen CardinasFrom Paraguay, he noted that although he did not arrive home so late, his father, who is also an adult, always waited for him at night to return to his home.

The young woman shared Pictures On the social network where the man was seen standing wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

Old man I don’t want you to ever miss me, I love you so much, “Cardinas wrote in the publication.

In an interview for local media extras, the young Paraguayan said that his father has been waiting for him at the stop since 2019 and before that, he even went to his place with him. Is workingAs directed by Millennium Portal.

“I thank him for what he has already done for me, for my brothers and for my son. He has always been a great man and has always been. Dad and Grandpa“, Who has received comments for and against network users,” said Belen

Although some To question To let his father stay out late at night; Others, on the other hand, have supported it and recognized the vital role of parents in their children’s lives. They felt Marked With you

More than a picture on Twitter 26 thousand responses So far.

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